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The first Hollywood management firm of it's kind to represent digital, actors, musicians, producers, and writers as well as having a production department.
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Ben Phelps
Ben Phelps
LOS ANGELES - Oct. 5, 2018 - PRLog -- In 2016, I did not understand the gravitation of the digital media era and what was becoming a new trend: YouTube influencers and Instagram influencers were becoming overly predominant in the industry and I was to fend for myself to struggle as an aspiring actor with my social media. In 2018, I have started the first 360-degree management company in Hollywood that tackles digital influencers, musicians, actors, writers, directors and producers as well as doing our own public relations for the clients.

Seeing how Hollywood has been changing so fast, I wanted to build something so unique and special, it would be the start of what is to come for the progressive movement to the digital space. I had to consider the breaking down of stereotypical management walls and to reassemble what would be a traditional management company for artists and add in digital and music as well as production.

Comparing ourselves to other management companies, there really is not anything else out there that has a vibrant and refreshing touch to the industry and here are the reasons for having to adapt to the new media standards for our clients.

1. Had to find the balance between traditional acting and digital.

Many talent management companies currently all act within a very traditional Hollywood business model that they have been doing for many years and have not been able to crack the code in the digital space.

As a new company focused on being artistry and representing these clients, we were able to adapt our business model to work in a manner to represent these artists in the digital space and within the traditional Hollywood model, which allows them to control where they go in their careers. As someone that has always believed in being a voice for change, this was a huge aspect I wanted to have with the company that allows our talent to work in any part of the industry.

2. Digital is a whole new ballpark.

Not everyone is suited towards working with digital influencers. Most talent today are within the millennial or upcoming generation so it is easy to relate to the social trends that they are working with and what kind of brands and technology changes there are in the industry. Digital influence also expands to adding to actor's careers and how they are perceived by casting directors and studios.

With everyone working so hard to figure out the digital side of the industry, it was practical for us to adapt to the 360-degree management style that we came up with that offers full service artist relations, career and professional development tools and digital media marketing.

3. Personalized management that is key for success.

A lot of the major talent management companies do not have a 1-on-1 model with their clients since they represent so many on a roster at a time. Being a boutique management company allows us to represent fewer clients as well as making sure we can take care of them and foster them to elevate their presentation to the next level and having a sustainable career, regardless of what they choose to do in the industry.

4. Every day is different.

With so many divisions and a vast diversity of clientele, it is no secret that each day is something new. Whether that is working with a client to produce their content for the day on their digital platform, submitting clientele to a production, negotiating a brand deal or signing a record deal.

There is always something to be done with the clients, so in a fast-paced environment, critical thinking skills and time management are key to allow for project management with each individual client.

5. Be a chameleon.

Digital cable is going away over the course of the next couple years. The only thing left is going to be the digital space and what the next big social trend is. This company is built on disrupting the balance of traditional management companies or companies that only focus on one individual aspect of media.

I am a huge fan of taking a risk and since we have cracked the code on integrating digital influencers, actors and all aspects of the entertainment industry together, we are going to move forward to continue to offer our 360-degree management model to our clients and making a difference in the industry and being a chameleon to adapt to the changes of digital media.



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