America 2030 Capital LLC is Pleased to Announce a Deferred Interest Stock Loan Program. Loans with No-Interest Due

America 2030 Capital is once again found itself to be the innovator in the loans backed by securities market place. Due to popular demand, stock loans with 1-5 year terms are being offered with no payments due until the loan matures.
By: America 2030 Capital Limited
NEW YORK - Oct. 12, 2018 - PRLog -- America 2030 Capital has launched an innovative stock loan product whereby interest on the loan is not paid by the borrower until loan maturity. Yes, during the life of the loan, no interest at all is due or required to be paid.

Most if not all loans require borrowers to pay interest monthly or quarterly but paying nothing until the end of stock loan term is definitely innovative.

Such a concept is designed to maximize borrowers cash-flow by not paying anything until the loan has matured. The convenience of not writing monthly checks is also evident but more so the borrower is given the opportunity to pay for all the interest cumulatively at the very end, or walk away from the loan.

Since most stock loans are non-recourse, in the event of default, the borrower can just choose to walk away and owe the lender nothing. Since the loans are Non-Recourse, credit reports are not pulled and not reported to.

We asked Mr Val Sklarov the CEO of America 2030 Capital the advantages from his view point and he stated the following: "For example, most stock loans have a loan term of 3 to 5 years. Why pay interest monthly when there's a possibility that the stock which is pledged as collateral will crash and borrower may need to walk away and not pledge additional cash or securities in the event of margin-call. If the borrower thinks that there's a chance that borrower may walk away in year 2 of a 3 year loan or in year 4 of a 5 year loan, why pay all that interest and forfeit it all if borrower walks away. This is a win-win product for the borrower with borrowers cash-flow needs in mind. But if the stock performs well, borrower can redeem the stock and pay the accrued interest".

Mr Val Sklarov also stated: "This is an innovative product never before seen in the financing community. It's somewhat reminiscent of reverse-mortgage but it's offered for stock loans and we are offering this product worldwide".

Mr Val Sklarov is driving America 2030 Capital Limited to the forefront of international securities lending with innovative products, strategies and markets not previously served. Markets such as Vietnam, China, USA and Canada have been neglected by lenders offering stock loans but America 2030 Capital is offering loans against publicly traded Securities custom tailored to these and other markets.

"We are a direct-lender, we underwrite, issue, house and manage all of our international stock loans" stated Mr Val Sklarov. "Unlike many lenders which may broker stock loans and act as the middleman, we offer the stock loan product direct. In the end, many of these brokers come to us and repackage the loans under their name, "White-Label" if you will, but we are the final source which can offer wholesale packaged stock loans to our clients. We are the final choice for many international brokers and their clients".

"We are in discussions with many worldwide international institutions exploring ways to enter complicated and restricted markets and offer financing products previously unseen in many such countries.

America 2030 Capital Limited is a boutique Investment banking firm with worldwide operations in locations such as USA, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Europe, Caribbean and Nevis offshore. The firm offers sophisticated M&A financing, institutional real estate financing, debt & equity transactions as well as loans against publicly traded securities worldwide.

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