New Collection Of Stories In "Five Slices of Fear" Book Takes Satirical Aim at Classic Horror Genre

Hollywood Author Josh Hickman serves up the perfect Halloween gift in his latest book that promises to entertain readers for years to come
By: Josh Hickman
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Five Slices Of Fear
Five Slices Of Fear
LOS ANGELES - Oct. 2, 2018 - PRLog -- Author Josh Hickman has a knack for comedy and a lifelong love of horror literature. In his new story collection, FIVE SLICES OF FEAR: A CONNOISSEUR'S HOAGIE OF HORROR, combines those passions in a send up of such horror masters as Edgar Allan Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, and Rod Serling.

As Hickman puts it:  FIVE SLICES OF FEAR "is an anthology of five humorous tales of terror … each story involves a theme, i.e., fear of the unknown, fear of fear itself, fear of being murdered, fear of persecution, fear of technology."

Readers will encounter such macabre delights as "The Mysterious Morggyll of Legend," "The Fear of Fear," "The Curious Dentures of One Dr. Bordom P. Yapsilot," "The Serial Killer of All Serial Killers," and "Mobile Device of Death."

FIVE SLICES OF FEAR is Hickman's third satiric novel. His fourth, THE KINFOLK: CULT OF SEX AND CHEESE, is scheduled to be published November 13th. The book chronicles the rise and fall of a "seductive, fanatical cult" led by the enigmatic Dillman "Papa Dilly" Bradford. Movie buffs will recognize that moniker as a sly reversal of the name of actor Bradford Dillman.

Clearly, Hickman has found his niche as a writer, after struggling to write serious dramatic novels. He finally "relented," he says, and decided to give in to his talent for comedy.

"I have long been a fan of comic novels," he notes. "I thought it was time to acquiesce and express my comic side."

Hickman's creative decision has spawned a delightful body of work. FIVE SLICES OF FEAR and the forthcoming THE KINFOLK are worthy additions to the Hickman canon. Dedicated fans and new readers who discover Josh Hickman will be equally delighted.

About the Author

Fascinated with monsters and horror movies since early childhood, Josh Hickman purchased his first copy of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine at a small convenience store newsstand in Kingsville, Texas in the mid-1970s. When he became a writer, Hickman incorporated his comedic sensibility and lifelong love of the horror genre into his satiric writings. His past comic novels include the fictional comedy bio THROUGH TICK & TINN: THE TRUE STORY OF THE GREATEST UNKNOWN COMEDY TEAM EVER KNOWN and the illustratedsurreal, cautionary high-seas treasure-hunt saga AMBERGRIS. Hickman lives and works in Hollywood, California. For more information on FIVE SLICES OF FEAR and THE KINFOLK: CULT OF SEX AND CHEESE see this link

Five Slices of Fear: A Connoiseur's Hoagie of Horror

254 pages.

Softcover, $14.95; ISBN:  978-19339197474

E-book, $4.99; ISBN:  978-1939197481

Publication date: August 28, 2018

Published by Polyester Press


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October 2018

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