Does Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer?

NEEDHAM, Mass. - Sept. 27, 2018 - PRLog -- The Seattle Times reported a recent study published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2013, combining the efforts of researchers from the University of Washington, the National Cancer Institute and Cleveland Clinic. The study analyzed levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood of 834 men who developed prostate cancer and race- and age-matched 1,393 men who did not develop prostate cancer. Men who had the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids had a 43% increase in risk for prostate cancer and 71% increase in risk for the high-grade prostate cancer that is the most likely to be fatal.

Clinically, I have seen many cases of patients, including body builders, who take very high doses of fish oil, had elevated PSA for many years, and eventually developed prostate cancer. If you would like to have a higher level of omega-3, it may be better to use flaxseed, which has less concentrated omega-3 combined with fiber. That way, the omega-3 will not be absorbed as quickly as if you had taken fish oil. I have interviewed many healthy 90 year olds in the past 10 years: they do not take fish oil; they just eat fish twice a week and other whole foods. Once you take away the fiber, the absorption of omega-3 becomes much faster.

As an acupuncturist, I have the privilege of following many patients for more than 10 years. I noticed that people who have an enlarged prostate and elevated PSA generally have already been taking fish oil for many years before they came for acupuncture and Chinese herbs. My impression is that high dosages of fish oil do not seem to lower PSA level. Once they started acupuncture treatment and change their eating and drinking habits, general inflammation is reduced and their PSA level dropped to the normal range. My suggestion is that if you tried a supplement for over two years and your elevated PSA has not been lowered, it is time to find other solution. It takes 3 to 5 years to mutate a gene to develop cancer, so we need to change our habit if it does not reduce inflammation in the prostate. Please visit

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