Dallas Bathtub Services Launches Consumer Information Service

Consumer help with video evidence and explanations as to why it happened. Informed consumers make informed decisions.
By: Dallas Bathtub Services
Dallas Bathtub Services
Dallas Bathtub Services
DALLAS - Sept. 16, 2018 - PRLog -- Refinishing is the process of applying a finish onto something that has an existing finish. Yet, to refinish a fender of a vehicle means to paint that fender. To refinish a bathtub means ... do not use paint but instead use a synergistic approach that will include:
  • Etching the original surface to open pores and create microscopic scratches so we can bond deep into the old surface. Working a high quality Silane (developed by the Aerospace Industry) into those scratches and pores. A copolymer coating. A fair statement to say has more in common with a strong plastic than it does paint. (This explains why it holds up for 20 + Years)

All Refinishing is Not The Same
A spokesman for Dallas Bathtub Services set in my Dallas, TX office explaining his passion for educating consumers. "This has happened too many times," as he shows me a video of brittle paint being wiped off the tub. I could tell he was frustrated. "These people, on this particular bathtub thought they were getting bathtub refinishing but instead purchased bathtub painting," he explained while glaring at the video. "They were given a prorated 5 year warranty, So each time they come back to redo the work they get to charge based on the time line." He looks me in the eye saying, "The consumer does not realize they can easily pay $1000 for a bathtub refinishing job over 5 years! It's simply not right! These people trusted a professional with a price that looked a little low but about right and now they can only call every few months to have it redone and charged more money!" I was picturing paint chips and flakes coming off on my children and also stopping up the drain.

Dallas Bathtub Services 8 year transferable warranty that is free with the service
"Sure things happen, accidents happen he explains but if they do they are covered and that is called an honest mistake. Definitely not a way to nickle and dime the customer," he continued. "Honesty and Integrity must be present to run a successful business. I have set up a website to show the video I just showed you and explain in detail why I think this happened only 2 months after the bathtub was refinished." He also promised this, "I also will explain the process I use and why it's not going to happen with our process and coatings."

Simply search Dallas Bathtub Services
"That search will put you in contact with my business website, my educational website, my 5 star Google reviews and my flat rate prices." James was very passionate about explaining the reasons why these failed but it was too extensive for this article.

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