Beneficial-Use Water Initiatives Expand

Encore Green, LLC Announces Land Assigned to Beneficial - Use
CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Sept. 11, 2018 - PRLog -- Darlene Nash, owner of Encore Green, LLC, America's first agricultural midstream company, announced today an agreement with a Cheyenne rancher and agriculturist to assign beneficial-use water application for up to 5,000 acres of land.

This historic announcement, along the lines of other significant strides in water management such as the Newland Reclamation Act, systematically redirects oilfield by-product water from conventional evaporation ponds or injection to beneficial-use for agriculture and conservation.

"Mr. Owen Goertz is one of many ranchers who have caught the vision of not throwing away water that's already on their land just because it came out of the ground alongside the crude oil," says Marvin Nash, General Manager of Encore Green. "That crude oil has to be refined before it can be put to use, and that water is the same. They both need to be refined and we do that by cleaning the water to match the soil's 'DNA.' Encore Green has solved the problems to transform that by-product water into beneficial-use for ag or conservation."

The problems Mr. Nash references are methodology oriented, as Encore Green applies their patent-pending process called "BUWA Conservation By-Design." BUWA stands for the Beneficial-Use Water Alliance and is a sister organization to Encore Green.

"Encore Green has solved the issues of technology, economic viability, permitting, and water liability," says Jeff Holder, Executive Director of BUWA. "The proprietary method makes sure the by-product water is cleaned and refined to become an optimal match for the soil. When the water makeup matches the soil makeup, you then can have vegetation that thrives. Encore Green already proved all of this right there on Mr. Goertz's land a few months ago."

Encore Green is in multiple discussions with both ranchers and oil companies about taking the oilfield by-product water, transforming it, and then using that water for agriculture and conservation beneficial-use.

In recent articles, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and other business media outlets have identified water as a $22 billion business in the next 5 years. Encore Green and BUWA have positioned themselves to offer the only solution that genuinely solves the issue of by-product water by not just storing the water, but actually transforming it and using it for beneficial-use.

"These 5,000 acres is significant, but it's just the start of the better way of doing things," says Marvin Nash. "The end result is that the oil company pays no more than they already do for what they call water disposal, and they end up providing the agriculturalist with vital water. And, to top it all off, when that happens, it leads to less drain on the aquifer. There isn't a more complete win-win-win-win than this methodology. I look forward to the future when Wyoming is covered in grassland, crops, and livestock because of beneficial-use water."



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