Bruce Deitrick Price Outlines Plan for Saving the Public Schools

Bruce Price, the country's most prolific and aggressive writer on K-12 education, sums up his recommendations for educational recovery.
Bruce Deitrick Price
Bruce Deitrick Price
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Sept. 4, 2018 - PRLog -- "Typically," Price explains, "I write articles that explain specific trouble spots in our schools. Now, in a few words, I want to sum up the entire K-12 landscape. Here's what we need to do."

First, acknowledge how bad things are. All the canaries from all the coal mines are now in hospices. Our schools have been in steady decline for decades. Two-thirds of fourth graders and eighth graders are "below proficient" in reading and math. We have 50 million functional illiterates. Increasingly, our citizens do not know simple stuff such as where Alaska is. Don't let the people in charge of shabby education tell you that things are doing great. In fact, the schools seem to be worse each year.  We must fix this, and we can.

Second, let's be logical about what's going on. If we get bad results year after year, we are doing something wrong. Namely, our schools are full of foolish theories and methods. Here are three obvious examples: our experts created a phony way to teach reading known as sight-words, a phony way to teach arithmetic known as Common Core Math, and a phony way to teach facts and knowledge, known as Constructivism. Ideas that didn't work 20 years ago are not likely to start working today. Get rid of them.

Third, understand why communication is difficult and answers hard to find. A deep semantic fog hangs over K-12 education. This serves the agenda of the educrats. The average parent has no idea what's being done to their children. The secret of turning things around is that every American understands what's going on in our classrooms. "We need," Price insists, "a lot more education about education."

Summing up: Our public schools are mediocre. We can fix them. But to have useful dialogue about education, everyone needs to know more about the reality behind the jargon.

People shouldn't get mad, they should get informed.

"My articles," Price explains, "are a serious attempt to change American K-12. The schools are full of nonsense and deception. When enough people recognize this, change will quickly follow. No new money needs to be spent, no new laws passed. Conversely, you can spend a trillion dollars on the present foundation of nonsense and lies, and nothing will improve."


Bruce Deitrick Price explains educational theories and methods on his site Additionally, he has posted 500 articles on American Thinker and many other sites. (To find education articles, Google your topic and Price's full name.)

For a good explanation of the K-12 situation, read Price's book  "Saving K-12 –- What happened to our public schools? How do we fix them?"

Bruce Deitrick Price is available for guest editorials, radio interviews, consulting, etc.

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Bruce Deitrick Price
Virginia Beach, Va.


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