One Piece Drama, character introduction

Including the plot, there must be a character introduction, the character introduction can be shorter, and its author also needs some introduction.
HAIDIAN, China - Aug. 28, 2018 - PRLog -- ONE PIECE is the meaning of "a big secret treasure" in the story. The story describes the actor's 'straw hat' Meng Qi D·Luffy to embark on the "Great Channel" and his partner's experience in order to become the "One Piece". 'One Piece', Gil D. Roger said before his death that he left the treasure of the world with wealth, fame and power, "ONE PIECE", many people compete for "ONE PIECE", vying for the sea, many seas The thief began to establish hegemony, and formed the "the era of the sea thief." Ten years later, Luffy went to sea on the far road in order to realize the agreement with the four emperors 'red hair' Xiangx, who was broken by the rescue of him. Looking for like-minded partners, enter the "great waterway" together, the goal is to be "One Piece." The ideal is to become the One Piece's Luffy, eating the devil fruit of the collection of the Shanks (the version translated into 'Jack') becomes The rubber man, the side effect of the devil fruit, so that he can never swim. But his ideal has not changed - become the One Piece, and find the legendary Gil D. Roger's secret treasure - One Piece, the adventure began ... In a certain era, pirates are a glorious and happy profession. Although the government does not support them, the sea waves and the beauty of the sea have completely attracted the dreams of countless people, especially men. In this era One day, the pirate industry suddenly became crazy. It turned out that a famous big pirate suddenly said his secret before his imprisonment: he hid his unmeasurable property on a small island and went to the island. The route is called the great route - One Piece! The small village where Luffy grew up was once a temporary residence of a group of pirates headed by "Red Hair Jack", and the little Luffy always hopes that they can become one of them. Unfortunately, in a very unexpected situation, he ate a devil fruit called "rubber fruit" and turned it into a rubber man. The devil fruit gave him such a strange skill, but the person who ate the devil fruit is again. I can't learn to swim... "It doesn't matter, I just don't fall into the sea." The optimistic and simple childish Luffy did not give up his pirate road. He I made an appointment with Jack. One day, he will bring his brothers to become One Piece. The so-called comics are comics. When Luffy grows up, he shakes a boat and goes out to sea. But he really found him with many stunts along the way. Friends: The goal is to become the first swordsman's Sauron, with a very good nautical intuition, Nami, the first-class sea chef Xiangji Shi, especially good at the big words of Usopp, the first-class ship doctor reindeer Choba, mature and feminine The archaeologist Robin, as well as the top shipsmith Frank, and the singer Brooke, who is determined to reunite with the whale Rab. Of course it is not easy to get these partners. Luffy has worked hard and other pirates. Fighting, his greatest strength is the spirit of laughing and never giving up! Great route! This is a place where even the best pirates can't predict their danger. This is a place that no one can reach yet. This is a place to destroy the confidence and courage of all common sense of mankind... But Luffy finally entered, and the story of One Piece will be fully piece luffy cosplay wig ,one piece

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