Edward Gusts Signs Multiple Movie Deals

Brilliant Movie Producer/Actor Always Looking for New Projects
By: Edward Gusts
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Amazing Actor-Writer-Producer Edward Gusts
Amazing Actor-Writer-Producer Edward Gusts
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Aug. 23, 2018 - PRLog -- Edward Gusts is an amazingly talented actor, producer, director and writer.  We caught up with Mr. Gusts at Hollywood's World-Famous Chinese Theater.  We asked him about "The Letter Red," a 5-star rated feature film that was released earlier this year.  Edward Gusts wrote, produced, and starred in this exceptionally good movie.

Edward sighed slightly.  He had been asked that question hundreds of times and was probably hoping for something different. "I'm really happy that everyone liked 'The Letter Red,'" he began. "That was a year ago. As wonderful as it was – and is – it pales in comparison to projects I'm doing now and especially the ones upcoming."

Edward is always looking forward and he continues to take on more projects.  Since the release of "The Letter Red," he has been involved in a dozen additional projects, several of which overlapped.  Right now, he's starring in "Alien Expedition," a campy 80's style sci fi project.  He's also working on "The Ganymede Event," another sci fi project that he describes as "looking at the universe through keyholes."

Edward just completed "The Newcomers," an "Alien" project.  He stepped behind the camera for "Resurgence" and "Sundown." He is currently writing two more screenplays and prepping his next feature film "Magpies," a supernatural murder mystery based on Irish folklore.  He is in pre-production on another of his feature films.  And that's not counting the projects in development.

"I don't like not working," Edward said.  "People are amazed that I'm doing so much – but I'd like to do about three times more."

Edward's fame is growing quickly.  "Fame isn't a goal," he admitted.  "Fame is simply a means to an end . . . It comes with the territory and fame simply translates into more projects."

Edward Gusts has been described as a genius.  He has also been described as a gentleman.  To those who know him, he is both – and a lot more.

The producer's definition of "movie star" – The movie house marquee is being changed.  It reads "Edward Gusts in."  People say, "I want to see that."  That's a movie star.  That's Edward Gusts.

www.EdwardGusts.com - IMDB

Edward Gusts is co-founder of Helsinki Institute Pictures www.helsinkiinstitutepictures.com and President of The Magpie Film Company.  He is available for interviews and is represented by Chris Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, Hollywood, California.


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