Excellent ideas of games to entertain your children on their birthday party

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MELBOURNE, Australia - Aug. 23, 2018 - PRLog -- Parents think it is an easy task to arrange a birthday party on their kid's special day. Actually, it is not so simple a task to arrange a birthday party for your child because you need lots of themes, ideas, decorations, foods, magic shows, and games. While planning a special event, you need to collect unique game ideas that can entertain your toddler whether a boy or a girl.

For every birthday parties, the decoration is a primary aspect. Good decoration can develop aesthetics in every event. It's not an easy affair to choose unique ideas of games. In that case, you may take views from your friends, internet, and relatives to arrange the best games for children parties in Melbourne and other cities. There is list of exciting activities/games that are suitable to make your day special. There are some points; you must remember while choosing games as follows:

•    It's essential to remember the average age of the children who are attending the party. Simple games must be arranged because difficult games are not appreciated by kids.

•    Always arrange a theme in your mind that goes with the beautiful event.

•    The game's zones must be decorated with balloons and other decorative things that make the event colorful.

•    Arrange educational and intellectual games that help to grow intellectual level in your child.

•    A child is never interested in long-drawn games. They feel bored if the games are stretched for long hours.

Some of the games are suggested as follows that can make the day special:

Pop the balloons game

Without balloons birthday parties and other events are not interesting. Children love balloons. Try an interesting game, like 'Pop the balloons.' This is a unique concept that is interesting and special.

Procedures to play this game

•    All guests who attend the party can play this game. Both children and adults can play it.

•    For tying the balloon use string and tie it with the leg of every player. It must be tied close to the ankle.

•    Let the players dance to the music. After that stop the music and ask them to pop the balloon of that person who is standing next to him. If the balloon of any person pops out, then he or she is out of the game.

•    The person whose balloon does not pop out is the winner of the game.

Mickey Mouse game

Kids love watching the episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If your toddler loves it, then you can arrange this game.


•    There are colorful and plain Mickey Mouse masks, which must be distributed while playing.

•    This is a mask theme game.

Gold doubloons

In this game, it is needed to hide the gold doubloons. These doubloons are coated with round chocolates in golden foil paper. In this game, the doubloons are hidden in the hidden parts of the rooms. Children need to find them.

Musical chairs

This is a common game that can be joined by both children and adults.

Technique to play

•    It is necessary to arrange the chairs in a circle which is faced inward.

•    Along the chairs, the players have to walk with the music round the chair. After the music stops, the player needs to grab the seat.

•    The player who is unable to grab it will be out of the game.

•    Likewise, it is a merry-go-round game that lasts until the end of the game.

Passing the parcel

This is a funny old game admired by children. Children and their parents both can play the game.

Way to play

•    First, choose a cushion or pillow to pass around a parcel.

•    The kids' sits in circle.

•    The pillow must be passed with the parcel.

•    When the music stops and pillow drops in one's hand, that person is out of the game, and he or she needs to perform any program after that.

All these are the excellent gaming ideas that you can plan.

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