Fighting Parkinson's...and Winning. A memoir of one man's full recovery from Parkinson's Disease

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Howard Shifke Photo
Howard Shifke Photo
WARREN, Ore. - Aug. 20, 2018 - PRLog -- Howard Shifke knows a thing or two about Parkinson's disease. In his book "Fighting Parkinson's...and Winning: A memoir of my recovery from Parkinson's Disease," Shifke recounts the story of his developing Parkinson's, getting diagnosed, and his daily struggles with the disease, as well as explaining his entire methodology that ultimately lead to his medically-documented full recovery from Parkinson's.

He had watched his mother deteriorate in body and mind for 24 years before finally succumbing to the disease. Two years later, he was told he also had the disease. But he took a different path than the one his mother had taken, devising his own healing plan from what he had learned in the 10 years he spent studying Chinese medicine.

His philosophy of Parkinson's is that he was out of balance physically, mentally and spiritually, and once balance was restored, full recovery took place. Western medicine's view of Parkinson's is that there are dead brain cells and depleted dopamine in the brain. Shifke's position is that the brain cells are not dead and the dopamine is not depleted, but that instead the dopamine flow is blocked.

In the eight years since his recovery, he has regularly posted to his blog and has coached others who have followed his plan and experienced similar recoveries. His website is

A native Floridian, Shifke and his wife moved from Tampa to Oregon in 2016, where he reads, gardens and continues to coach people from around the world in his recovery methodology.

"Fighting Parkinson's...and Winning: A memoir of my recovery from Parkinson's Disease" is available on Amazon:


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