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Milestone House Bazaar
Milestone House Bazaar
OCEANSIDE, Calif. - Aug. 17, 2018 - PRLog -- Every year in the US over 4 million child abuse reports are filed. Many of these so-called invisible children end up in the foster care system where they are too often abused and mistreated and live in unacceptable conditions. These children are traumatized by the abuse they have suffered and struggle to lead productive lives.

Milestone House was created in 1992 to provide care and treatment for children in the foster care system. At Milestone, which works with teen girls, they are given a home and loving care and treatment for their psychological, emotional and behavioral issues. Hundreds of young girls have been helped by Milestone House over the years, and many have gone on to lead successful and productive lives determined to give back to their communities. When they received love and acceptance, they not only survived the abuse they endured but began to thrive. Some have created loving families of their own, gone on to earn college degrees, become outstanding professionals in helping professions, and some have even earned advanced degrees.

Over the years, Milestone House recognized that youth aging out of the foster care system have an especially difficult time. Many experience homelessness, early pregnancy, or have trouble with the law. Because the effects of child abuse don't disappear just because a survivor turns eighteen, these young people continue to struggle with depression, PTSD and anxiety. To help these young people, Milestone House created Fostering Adulthood, which offers job training, job practicum and mentorship so that they are better prepared for earning a living and keeping a roof over their heads. Program participants who struggled to get a job before the program are now working and staying employed, which opens up so many new possibilities for their lives.

Milestone's Fostering Music program was born when foster care professionals realized that almost no foster children had gained any degree of proficiency on a musical instrument. Many owned a guitar or violin but none knew how to play their instruments. The reason: in the foster care system changing homes is all too common, and if a child began lessons in one home, they were unlikely to continue in the new home. Fostering Music takes donations of musical instruments, finds and funds lessons for a foster child and ensures that the lessons follow him or her when a placement change happens. In this way, foster children, who are the least likely of all children to learn a musical instrument, can enjoy the many documented benefits of learning to play an instrument, including increased IQ, increased math skills, and improved social skills.

Milestone House is having an annual Bazaar and Rummage Sale on August 18 from 9-2 in the parking lot of the shopping plaza at the corner of Civic Center and Santa Fe in Vista. The event will feature at least eight tables of rummage sale items priced to sell, like gently used clothing and accessories, household items, and décor. There will be lots of bargains to be had. We will also showcase ten vendors who will be selling items like jewelry, make up, and home décor. Milestone House is counting on your support to help continue to fund our programs. Please join us and help foster children get on the path to success. They are counting on you!

Not everyone can be a foster home but everyone can help a foster child. To make a donation or to learn how you can be of further help please contact us at:
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