2BLIKEu Plan To Call All Autonomous Cars "Driver Assistant" Vehicles Starting September 1, 2018

The Auto Industry Is Doing a Bad Job Educating Consumers When It Comes to Electric and Autonomous Technology.
My Deer Crash (Merritt Parkway)
My Deer Crash (Merritt Parkway)
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NEW CANAAN, Conn. - Aug. 7, 2018 - PRLog -- "We receive more than 100,000 questions a week from consumers seeking more information about Electric and Autonomous Vehicles.  And our goal is to make sure 2BLIKEu Members fully understand no matter what a vehicle's technology is based on or being called they must always be aware of what's happening inside and outside of the vehicle. This is why we are adapting the following Terminology for all Autonomous Technology:

Autonomous Vehicle: "Driver Assistant" Vehicle.

We hope the Auto Industry as a whole adopts our Terminology when it comes to Autonomous Technology. Just take a step back and look at how the name of this technology has changed over the last 10 years. Terminology has gone from driverless car, robot car, self-driving car and now autonomous vehicle.

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."

This is what's missing in the Auto Industry!  And instead of them working together to create a single platform that they can share and protect, everybody is trying to develop their own system!  By working together on an "Open Source" platform it would allow the Auto Industry to apply a fix or patch to any problem a consumer may run into!  But to have 10 different autonomous systems on the global roads is a disaster waiting to happen!  Or should I say a Hacker's Dream!

By sharing a common autonomous theme, it would still allow each company to integrate their own secondary features into their particular vehicle but make it much harder for a third party to hack into a "Driver Assistant" Vehicle.  And by adding a Bio-Component to the system core would add an additional Security Layer to the mix.  Thus, making it almost impossible for the average hacker to access the vehicle.

The Bio-Component is the safety switch that if designed right would disable the vehicle or prevent a hacker from taking control of a "Driver Assistant" Vehicle.   What I did was take the Bitcoin Mining System apart and integrate the mining process into the Bio-Component in order to harden the shell thus making it impossible for 96% of hackers to crack!  For the other 4% of hackers the Bio-Component Chip Tracking System is designed to prevent any remote access to the vehicle's computer system and Bio-Component.  And what the Bio-Component Chip Tracking System does would take longer than a press release to explain. But the Bio-Component also addresses the Wi-Fi Problem that most autonomous vehicles are facing.

By not working together, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Apple, Google, VW and FCA might be developing autonomous technology or software that's un- insurable!   The Insurance costs are expected to rise not because of what takes place outside the vehicle but the injuries that will take place inside an autonomous vehicle.  By using the term "Self-Driving" in any promotional content or Sales Pitch will lead the average consumer to believe they can turnover control of the vehicle to the onboard computer system; thus, creating a false environment that will result in the driver not paying attention to the road!  Which leads me to point out the experimental Uber vehicle. Operating in autonomous mode, it struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.  The Uber fatal accident is just an example of what millions of consumers would end up doing: not paying attention to the road. All it takes is a split-second for a consumer to get distracted. And driving at night one may not even have a split-second to react to the condition of the road when the vehicle fails to recognize an object!   But just stop for a moment and ask yourself, what's a Self-Driving Car designed to do once it identifies an object? STOP! (Stop is based on Speed Up, Slow Down, Turn Left and Turn Right…Internal Driving Policy) and that's when gravity comes into play for the passengers of a vehicle.

Photo: My Deer Crash… Sometimes a second is not enough….

The onboard recognition system (Perception Module, Prediction Module and LIDAR) will lead to millions of consumers filing an "Instant Stop" Insurance Claim due to the injuries that will take place inside of an autonomous vehicle. Especially when you go through the data when it comes to Highways and Secondary Road Accidents.   And for those that believe traveling at a lower speed limit will reduce internal injuries, shouldn't hold their breath!  Because a lower rate of speed will cause more injuries than a vehicle traveling at a high rate.  In order to limit the number of Internal Injuries, the seating of an autonomous vehicle will need to be redesigned to counter the gravitational force that takes place during an onboard recognition system (Perception Module, Prediction Module and LIDAR) forced stop or should I say mid-course adjustment at a high rate of speed!

These are just some of the reasons we are taking the lead on awareness when it comes to all-electric battery-powered or will rely on e-Power and Autonomous Car Technology.  Our goal is to make sure our 186 million members are fully aware of the unique risks that apply when it comes to autonomous technology.  We intend to remind our members that they should always be aware of what's taking place inside the car and on the road, no matter what type of vehicle they are driving!" said Vince Charles Moulterie II, Founder and Chief Designer of 2BLIKEu Lifestyles Network.  Plus, the Creator of the Ecosystem Framework.


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