Gateway to the picturesque valleys & rivers of Chongqing, China and its gourmet Chongqing Hot Pot!

Don Cho and Zhou, Jing sign an agreement for Hollywood Tribute®
Don Cho and Zhou, Jing sign an agreement for Hollywood Tribute®
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Aug. 4, 2018 - PRLog -- Chongqing (重庆) is set to become the most economically significant city in West China thanks to the massive wealth the country has built up in the past few years. As the biggest inland city of China and a natural tourist destination for its majestic valleys and rivers, Chongqing is also known for its true gourmet delicacy that is the Chongqing Spicy Hot Pot.

Hollywood Entertainment based organization "Hollywood Tribute®", with its headquarters located in Hollywood, USA, looks to bring Hollywood influence to this major city of Chongqing to awaken its potential as the next entertainment capital of China. Leading this effort is CEO Don Cho who has recently established the new joint venture company of "Hollywood Tribute® Pin De Cultural Media Ltd." (好莱坞致敬品得[重庆]文化传媒有限公司) based in Chongqing, China with Zhou, Jing on July 8, 2018 with a cooperation agreement.  The cooperation between East and West will undertake future Hollywood projects of "Hollywood Tribute®" Award Shows, Film Festivals, Fashion Shows, Entertainment Academy, Resort & Hotels and Production Companies all in the city-limits.

"Hollywood Tribute® Pin De Cultural Media Ltd." has announced its intent to host the 2019 "Hollywood Tribute®" Awards in Hollywood, California which will be held on February 24, 2019 at the world famous Paramount Picture Studios during the 91st Oscar Academy Awards, to present the aforementioned projects and promotion for tourism.

Newly appointed "'Hollywood Tribute®' Pin De Cultural Media Ltd." CEO Zhou, Jing has remarked on his plans to grow Chongqing into the number one visited city in China and with real estate development, he envisions constructing Hollywood themed resorts and hotels, academies for teaching Hollywood production skills to students, and film production facilities with the full support and blessing of Don Cho and Hollywood entertainment.

Another transnational project of "Hollywood Tribute®" in Chongqing , China is the establishment of movie production studio and the production of the film "Trapt" where talents from both sides of the Pacific will perform in celebration of cultural exchange and will be featured in major film festivals. To celebrate, plans are underway to establish Los Angeles and Chongqing as sister cities.

Hollywood Tribute® Fashion Show will feature top designers from New York, Paris, and Italy "Fashion Week" and hosted in Chongqing to bring top of the line fashion to China along with Hollywood Tribute branded clothing and accessories.

Look forward to the official inauguration event in Chongqing this year and the tertiary event in Cannes, France by "Hollywood Tribute® Cannes" in May of next year at the Hollywood Tribute® Chateau.

Also, Korean content, culture and K-pop from Korea will be featured in these projects through K-pop themed events, shopping, and cultural centers. Such an event will be hosted by "Hollywood Tribute® Korea" with participation from Hollywood Tribute® USA and Hollywood Tribute® Chongqing on September 8, 2018.

"Hollywood Tribute®" will be setting up the Chinese version of its website of while extending its U.S. trademark to China.


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