Startup company launches with a unique range of honey based skin care product Benefits

A Bangkok startup company launches a new range of organic honey based skin care products.
THONG LOR, Thailand - Aug. 3, 2018 - PRLog -- In the heart of RCA in Bangkok a trendy business area in the heart of Thailand's capital is a group of dedicated people who are very excited to get their product to the marketplace.

OrganiGo Group is a startup company that are very guarded to keep their formula a secret, in a dialogue that smites of Coca cola's recipe secret success story.

We are given some hints by the dynamic Research & Development team with a combined forty five years of experience in the industry.

"Our bees are used by Thailand elite and are very special indeed, the honey they produce is of the highest quality we sometimes stop to check we are not being followed before we go the farm, maybe I am being paranoid but we know how special our honey really is, we" mix some very organic and healthy compounds into our products and we are now ready to deliver" The team from R&D team were eager to tell me.

"This range of Personal Care products have been Researched and Developed in Thailand, utilizing the very finest of ingredients to create a quality range of organic products.

The healing properties of our Honey Touch shower gel is understated, we have given just a few test samples out and the results we got back are very positive and encouraging indeed. We are given feedback that the shower gel has given relief to people with skin ailments, and has given a boost to normal skin. People tell us they feel relaxed and invigorated following use of our products.

It's all about the quality of the real honey, and a few other trade secrets we put into our quality formulations R&D proudly told me. The research team have become somewhat of an apiary experts and tells me more.

"There are many types of bees, not all produce honey, and the honey that bees produce is different from one area of a country to the next area, let alone how different they are on different Continents.

Some honey is better for eating, and some better for skin, it just happens that the bees we have access to have some of the best skin care elements we have ever been lucky enough to come by, and it would be a crime if we did not put this out to the general public to use.

Our Price reflects the exclusivity of what we have found and the diligence involved in bringing this to market. Healthy skin has no price tag." the R&D team assured me.

OrganiGo Group will launch their Honey Based Shower Gel in July and a Body Lotion soon, also a shampoo in the last quarter of 2018 and other products later on in 2018. All products are manufactured to I.S.O. and U.K.A.S. International Standards of Quality & Assurance together with FDA approval.

They spent a lot of time looking at packaging and now have a fantastic gift set box aiming for Mother's day in Thailand and Christmas around the World. You can see their products here

They are looking at trade shows in Dubai and Thailand in 2019

Organigo Group

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