South African Actor Living His Hollywood Dreams

Exceptional Talent NICOLAS JUNG Signed to Star in Another Major Motion Picture
By: Nicolas Jung
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Exceptionally talented actor Nicolas Jung ready for the next adventure
Exceptionally talented actor Nicolas Jung ready for the next adventure
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - July 31, 2018 - PRLog -- South African-born actor Nicolas Jung is an extraordinarily talented gentleman with a wonderful personality and an infectious enthusiasm.

Imagine you're sitting in a nice restaurant as dozens and dozens of people come and go.  No one pays attention to any of them.  Another person enters, and everyone at least glances over.  Why?  No, the person didn't have glittery blue hair and wasn't outrageously dressed.  But that individual subtlety projected an exuberance – a charisma – that drew everyone's attention.  That is Nicolas Jung.

"I had lunch with half a dozen producer friends today," Tad Atkinson, Vice President of Cuban Lightning Enterprises, explained.  "A couple of the guys were discussing Nicolas Jung, his energy, his depth of emotion.  I asked Al (Burke, producer-director-actor and President of MO Entertainment) to show me.   I was intrigued when Nicolas, via Al's smart phone, waived at us and greeted us all by name.  'Where are you?' I asked."

"I'm on location – on a project – about 10,000 miles away from you at the moment," Nicolas told us.

"We're just ordering," quipped celebrity producer-director-writer Barney Cohen.  "What would you like?"  Immediately Nicolas asked, "Could you tilt the menu a little higher?"  Chuckles came from the group as Nicolas ordered.

"It was fascinating," Tad Atkinson remarked, "to see film and television producers so enthralled by the live video.  I pictured everyone counting box office receipts in their heads.  I knew then that Nicolas Jung would be playing a major role in our movie."

The producers each maneuvered in front of the camera to ask Nicolas questions.  "Are you going to drink that milkshake?" producer and talent agent Christopher Montgomery asked.  "Yes, I am" was Nicolas' immediate response accompanied by a twinkle in his eye and smile on his face.

"Once again we are about to make history," Tad Atkinson stated as he stepped in front of the camera. "Nicolas," he continued, "if we can work out a deal, we want you to play one of the lead roles in our movie 'The Zipper.'"  All glasses came together in a toast to Nicolas Jung and his newest starring role.  One of the glasses contained what was left of his chocolate banana milkshake.


Mr. Jung is represented by Christopher Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, Hollywood, California


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