Colombian Actress Set to Star in US Action Movies

Lorena Lizarazo's unique talents result in back-to-back feature film roles
By: Lorena Lizarazo
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Lorena Lizarazo - An Extraordinary Talent and Outstanding Person
Lorena Lizarazo - An Extraordinary Talent and Outstanding Person
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - July 23, 2018 - PRLog -- Medellin, Colombia born actress Lorena Lizarazo knew from a young age that she was destined to make a difference in the world.  She just didn't know exactly how it would happen.

Lorena seemed to be a natural at all everything she attempted – sports, art, academics, dance, music, modeling and, of course, acting. "I've been very lucky," Lorena said softly, thoughtfully.  It was as if she were mentally revisiting her childhood.  "I combined some natural ability," she told us, "with a substantial amount of hard work.  I've always been fascinated with people and what drives them.  I read many, many books on psychology and psychoanalysis when I was a child.  I even entered college with the thought of becoming a psychologist."

Lorena smiled.  "What I learned there," she continued, "was that my true passion – my destiny – was acting.  I switched to the full-time study of acting, first in Colombia and then in Hollywood."

During her short time in the U.S., Lorena has completed over a dozen films.  Tad Atkinson, VP of Cuban Lightning Enterprises has signed her to co-star in the "Cuban Lightning: The Zipper" movie franchise.

Al Burke, CEO of MO Entertainment, just signed Lorena for a lead role in his action film, "Slow is Smooth – Smooth is Fast" (a working title).  "Lorena has a presence, a charisma, an energy that jumps through the camera," Mr. Burke commented.  "She displays a depth of emotion that is rarely matched in our industry.  The audience will love her; there won't be a dry eye in the theater. That's the exceptionally rare talent all of us look for in this industry."

Tad Atkinson jumped in.  "Well, we hired her for our project," he began, "because she speaks fluent Spanish."  That was supposed to be an inside "Cuban Lightning" joke, but no one laughed.  Mr. Atkinson cleared his throat and continued.  "Actually, our decision to hire Lorena was heavily influenced by the same emotional depth and honesty and, for lack of a better word, charisma that she consistently brings to the screen."

We asked Lorena how she was able to transform into such deep, authentic characters.  "I totally believe the character is real; therefore, the emotions are real. Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances goes beyond the screen, allowing the audience to live the experience with you."

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Lorena Lizarazo is represented by Christopher Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, Hollywood, California


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