Ambassador Smart Fashion Celebrates 60 years in Bangkok

Dressing smart and fashionably comes with age and few know that more than the team at Ambassador Tailors in Bangkok who have their 60th birthday celebrations this year.
BANGKOK - July 8, 2018 - PRLog -- In the 1960's the Vietnam war was a troubling time for the US as well as the native Vietnamese, however when the GI's got a rest from their jungle fighting they traveled to Neutral Thailand where they had a great time on R and R. It was there the soldiers and sailors met the founder of Ambassador Fashion Mr. Steve back in 1958 where he started to address the need for the soldiers to get custom made suits from their US Naval base in Khorat province.

We met up with the team at Ambassador's Fashion who after a long history now have settled in a fantastic shop and showroom complete with guest house right behind the trendy Terminal 21 shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok.

The current co-owner Mr. Sam told me:

"It sure was different those days, our grandfather was very concerned for the boys fighting and heard some horror stories, so it was important for him to give the soldiers a good time whilst on their break and get them a well-made suit at a great price to cheer them up.

His clients ranged from Generals to non commissioned officers. After the war was over we all rejoiced and things became better for everyone in Southeast Asia, in the early 1970's we opened up a shop in Sukhumvit Soi (Street) 11. Not far from where we are now." Sam told me.

During their 30 year tenure on Soi 11 which is renowned for nightlife and trendy condos they served Prime Ministers, Celebrities, and VIP's and build up a large clientele mainly through word of mouth.

"There was no Social Media back in the 1980's and the 90's and phone calls to overseas were ridiculously priced so we served our clientele through the Postal mail service sending suits and garments to clients based on the measurements they gave us, and we did very well, so there is a message to Millennials that a lot of people became successful before Facebook!' Sam Laughed "Our clients always popped in when they were in Bangkok on business and pleasure even if they were not buying at that time, we made many great friends over the years.

We also traveled a lot to meet our clients in Europe and today we still take care of them, we have many large corporations we take care of for uniforms and design wear so they always appreciate that we can travel to them" Sam continued.

"In 2003 we moved to Soi 19 to a newer showroom and guest house above, our clients can now email us and many talk to us on Skype or WhatsApp every day. It is very encouraging for us to now see the fourth generation of our family learning to take care of the business using the internet which I am sure Mr. Steve would have a laugh about if he could see them now.

We owe our success to being lucky enough to love what we do and making people feel smart and confident never goes out of style and of course the many friends we make is invaluable. That I believe is the secret to success for both us and our clients." Sam smiled.

Ambassador and Smart fashion  are based in central Bangkok Thailand and are easy to get to being a 5 minute walk from Asoke Sky train station and have for 60 years provided quality suits at a great price.

They are open early to late every day and always have the kettle on for anyone who pops in. Here is to the next 60 years. Pop in now and wish them Happy Birthday and get 10% of tailored suits or custom made dresses today.

Ambassador and Smart Fashion

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