What Our Parents Were Too Conditioned To Warn Us About and Information That Will Never Be Taught in a Traditional Classroom:

The Society Of Millionaires Presents The "Building Wealth Tour: Birth Your Business, Build Wealth, and Leave a Legacy" Master Class Hosted By Business Expert Yolanda Renee McCutcheon
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - July 5, 2018 - PRLog -- 4 City Tour Master Class taught by one of the Leading Business Development Experts in the country -

Our parents were too conditioned with the traditional American Dream way of life to warn us about student loans, nonexistent job security, and uneven comparison of salary to the elevated cost of living. Yolanda Renee McCutcheon, known as the Wealth Architect, like many of us learned the hard way that a traditional college education was not the promise of a good job, job security, or a wealth building tool that would leave us set for life once we retired but merely a dent in debt at the start of her adult life. This is why Yolanda McCutcheon founded the Society of Millionaires, an exclusive success club that educates, elevates, and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs. The program teaches ordinary people how to Birth a business, Build wealth, and leave a legacy, rather than debt, to their family.

The "BUILIDNG WEALTH TOUR: Birth Your Business, Build Wealth, and Leave a Legacy" Master class will be hitting 5 cities this summer on the East Coast, including Richmond Virginia, Charlotte North Carolina, Philadelphia, PA, Columbia South Carolina, and Atlanta Georgia, where you can experience this anticipated master class. The city of Richmond will start the tour and has already SOLD OUT. Here's what participants can expect to learn: How to Build a Profitable Business Your First Year without Years of Guess work; How to Attract More Clients Who are Willing to Pay for Your Products and Services; How to Position Your Business to Get Funding; How to get started without fear, anxiety or overwhelm, and much more. The Tour features and is hosted by renowned trainer and business coach, Yolanda McCutcheon.

Yolanda McCutcheon is a highly sought-after speaker, author of 6 books, mentor to young women, business coach to aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs, and a serial entrepreneur. She was born and raised in West Philadelphia, where she earned her business degree from Saint Joseph's university. Yolanda had a knack for entrepreneurship at an early age. She was able to start her first business and earn her first 6 figures by the early age of 26. Yolanda has since started over 5 successful businesses, and she is the go-to trainer for several Multi Billion Dollar companies. She has singlehandedly trained thousands of CEO's and aspiring entrepreneurs in multiple industries. Yolanda is the creator and founder of The Society of Millionaires. She was named one of the Top 35 Women to know in 2018 and most recently recognized for building her business to a Million Dollar Brand.

The information taught during the Master class is not taught anywhere else in the country. Yolanda McCutcheon will break down the proven step-by-step process to birth a successful business in today's economy, build wealth in the process, and leave a legacy. This is a once a year series you certainly don't want to miss.

For more information and to purchase tickets for the Building Wealth Tour, visit BuildingWealthTour.com


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