Women of Color Media Network presents Remembering Philando

Remembering Philando is a short film honoring Philando's life and legacy through art with his mother, Ms. Valerie Castile. Two years after his tragic death at the hands of a Falcon Heights police officer in St. Paul, MN, the film focuses on the love of a mother, her enormous burden of grief, and her mission to keep her son's spirit alive.
By: Women of Color Media Network
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MINNEAPOLIS - July 3, 2018 - PRLog -- Women of Color Media Network (WoCMN) produced this special segment Remembering Philando to honor Philando Castile's life and legacy as a humanitarian and spiritual leader and to give hope and strength to mothers, families and communities around the world who have suffered a tragic loss.

According to Ms. Castile, "Philando loved his family, community and country," and she prefers to keep his memory alive by focusing on helping children.  "Philando did so much to make children happy.  We must come together as a nation to love and take care of our future leaders."

The filming took place at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) where a tribute inspired by the trauma the artists who are exhibiting there felt after watching Philando's death live on Facebook.  The film includes interviews with ElisabethCallihan, the Head of Multi-Generational Learning at MIA in charge of bringing the exhibit, and Attorney Bryan Stevenson, Founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (more info about the EJI here).

After Attorney Stevenson's powerful talk to a sold-out audience at MIA, WoCMN had the honor of capturing a very powerful conversation between him, Ujamaa Place CEO, Otis Zanders, and Ujamaa Man, D'Narius Lewis, about the real threats ahead in the criminal justice system.

Art & Healing In The Moment Exhibition at MIA

Artists sent art to Ms. Castile after Philando was killed.  The artwork moved Ms. Castile spiritually.  Ms. Castile contacted MIA and invited the art curators into her home to look at the art and discussed with them how she wanted the community to have access to the art because of the comfort it gave her.

In the video, Ms. Castile explains that God, ancestors and her son Philando sent her the message to contact MIA.  "The artwork is so powerful.  You can feel its spiritual connection and calm when you come into my home.  Philando's spirit was living through the artwork which gave me comfort," explained Ms. Castile.  Ms. Castile had an opportunity to go through the exhibit and believes the art gave off the same powerful aura in its new, temporary home at MIA, just as it did in her home. Activist, Pastor Danny Givens also appears in the video stating that the contribution of the artists kept the movement alive. Ms. Castile knows this is what Philando would have wanted – for her to share the love and light of his spirit with the community.

Remembering Philando YouTube

The Art & Healing In the Moment Exhibit runs through July 29th.  Museum admission is free.  MIA is located at2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

For more information call: (612) 870-3000 or go online at: artsmia.org

The City of Falcon Heights issued a proclamation declaring July 6th as "RESTORATION DAY" and July 7th as "UNITY DAY."  The Philando Castile Relief Foundation released its commemoration events calendar inviting the community to honor Philando Castile on both days.

JUL 6 | 2nd Annual Commemoration Candle Light Of King Philando Castile | Time: 5:00pm | Location: Philando Castile Peace Garden Hosted by: Philando Castile Relief Foundation

JUL 7 | 2nd Annual Commemoration Of King Philando Castile BBQ Hosted by Philando Castile Relief Foundation |Time: 8:00pm | Location: City of Falcon Heights, 2077 Larpenteur Ave W, 55113 Falcon Heights

Follow these events using #RememberingPhilando and on Facebook @philandocastilerelieffoundation, @WoCMN and @OMGDigitalMediaSolutions.