Tillys Reports a 30% Increase in Store Traffic Thanks to Augmented Reality Store Window by INDE

Tillys, one of America's leading retail clothing companies, selling a wide assortment of branded apparel and accessories, discloses the results of a groundbreaking collaboration with Augmented Reality company INDE.
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AR ShopWindow by INDE (1)
AR ShopWindow by INDE (1)
LOS ANGELES - June 27, 2018 - PRLog -- Tilly's effort to connect with its consumer base in a revolutionary way using an AR platform developed by INDE, resulted in increased store traffic and more mobile app downloads, said Jon Kubo, Chief Digital Officer at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago (June 5-8, 2018).

Foot traffic in Tilly's Ontario, CA, store, that provided a testbed for future store integration, was up 30% from the start of the AR store window installation, Kubo said in his IRCE session titled "AR Done–and Fun. Don't Abandon that Idea You are Itching to Try."

"We're ecstatic that once again we've been able to provide a client with digital innovation that provides a direct impact on the bottom line. Our Vyu range of products is designed to explore how augmented reality and computer vision can provide real value to retailers in difficult times – this is great feedback and a great endorsement of our approach," said Alex Poulson, CEO of INDE.


About the Project

In May 2017 INDE was commissioned by Tillys to create an immersive retail experience that helps extend their brand voice, boosts customer engagement, and increases foot traffic and ultimately sales. The goal was to transform the physical space of one of the Tillys flagship stores into a living digital space, through an app-free experience that is easy to install and operate, with compelling content that is not only relevant, but also matches the actual store layout.

To bring branded interactive product display to an entirely new level, INDE developed a standalone Augmented Reality display system for Tillys. The AR store window provided dynamic, two and three dimensional content custom-developed to perfectly fit the store layout. For the initial install in August 2017, multiple pieces of 3D content were designed and built by INDE, including a custom-made Vans skater, a dragon, a giant octopus and a floating shoe.

Learn more about INDE's large-screen and mobile Augmented Reality experiences here.

About INDE

INDE creates products and experiences that inspire, entertain, inform and educate using Augmented Reality and Computer Vision. Since 2011 the company has developed location-based and mobile products and experiences in over 40 countries for the world's leading entertainment and education brands. Companies and institutions such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institution, BBC, Universal, 20th Century Fox, WWF and numerous others have chosen INDE to reimagine how they speak to the world.

Under the banner of Experience Engineering, INDE's products and experiences endeavour to create deeper, more engaging interaction and integration between people and three dimensional digital content. INDE aims to transition its knowledge, 3D content, intellectual property and worldwide client base to the mainstream adoption of Wearable Glass Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality devices in entertainment and education.

INDE currently operates offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Budapest and Los Angeles.


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