NBC Cancellation of "Timeless" Is Major Victory For Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng And Time Travel Themes

With the second and final cancellation of the Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke NBC show, Timeless, Marshall Barnes has proved he not only knows more about time travel science than anyone, but he knows more on doing time travel TV than anyone in Hollywood.
Marshall Barnes receiving recognition for proving Stephen Hawking wrong, 2012
Marshall Barnes receiving recognition for proving Stephen Hawking wrong, 2012
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YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio - June 23, 2018 - PRLog -- NBC has cancelled Timeless for good. Despite what the "Clockblockers" may scream and threaten on Twitter, just as show creators Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan feared, failing ratings of the show killed any chance of a 3rd season and no one can be happier about it than the world's undisputed expert on time travel science, Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng.

Coming just as he was celebrating Todd Rundgren's 70th birthday by dedicating to him a bold and dramatic new experiment in quantum mechanics with overwhelming success - which has an impact on time travel science by proving parallel universes and Hugh Everett's many-worlds interpretation are true, Entertainment Weekly broke the news NBC had made a final decision to not renew the time travel adventure which Marshall had come to be at war with, and penned the scathing article, Why 'Timeless' Should Be Cancelled...AGAIN!, for Futurism.media.

"I couldn't be more thrilled, especially for the timing of it", Marshall said. "That means that there is solid, real world proof that I know more about how Timeless was wrong and what should've been done to fix it, than Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan. That makes me more bankable in that genre than either one of them because they were wrong at every turn. It also serves as a warning - that people aren't taking sloppy time travel fiction anymore. Producers BEWARE".

It is especially a sweet victory in the face of how Timeless actor, Malcolm Barrett, who plays the black character, Rufus, on the show, maligned Marshall, falsely accusing him of attacking him because Marshall thought that he should know about time travel science because of the character he plays on the show. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

"Malcolm Barrett proved what a foul mouthed, liar and coward he can be with that," Marshall explains. "He lied about his knowledge during a geek podcast show and I wrote an article exposing him on it (see https://futurism.media/making-malcolm-barrett-eat-his-tim... ) and when I challenged him on Twitter to debate his claims at ComicCon or Wizard Con with me, his response was to lie about what the tiff was about and then get his fans (who never even looked at his original statements that I had linked to) starting to spread false claims attributed to me, and attacking me, which put them on my hate list. If you want to debate, fine, I can stand and deliver better than anyone, but if you coward out and then lie about me - then it's on for real. So right now, the truth about Malcolm Barrett is out - that he's just a two bit actor and loud mouth on a show that I predicted would fail, that lacks the guts to stand for his positions and will instead lie about it and run away like some little prick with no balls. And I'm telling you, him, and the Clockblockers, he'll never live that down. You can bet on that."

Actually, that's probably no idle bragging from Marshall. He has a reputation for his willingness to debate his detractors, from British author Simon Morley, to NASA space engineer, Robert Shuler and none have had the gumption to get from behind the computer keyboard - where they feel comfortable shooting off their mouths and baseless criticisms, and face Marshall like real men in a debate forum as scientists do with each other - even when Marshall agrees to do it on their own turf, giving them the home field advantage. The answer is that they know it's easy to spin things in tweets and Quora responses, but Marshall exhibits not only a superior knowledge of the topics at hand, but the confidence to engage in conflicts when the odds appear against him. It's what PR rep, David Gap calls his, "Alexander the Great effect", because even against overwhelming odds, like the legendary Macedonian conqueror, Marshall never loses, and he's been recognized for that by the 2014 IX Innovation Cities Tour (see https://paranovation.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/im-back-wit... ).

"When I stop and think about it, I pity Malcolm Barrett," Gap continues. "Marshall's going to brand him forever, like God did to Cain. He's already done it to Ronald Mallett, whom he's all but completely destroyed after Mallett stole five years of his research time and mocked him behind his back..."

100% of the hype surrounding the "massive following" Timeless had, proved to be just that - hype. Hype that bled out as ratings continued to drop each week, just as Marshall predicted.

"The Clockblockers have gotten their blocks clocked, and they've had it coming for too long..." Marshall laughed.

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