Entrepreneurs with Win-Win-Win Business Model Offer Scholarship to Foster More Winning Ideas

By: SideBySideReviews.com
Side by Side Reviews Win Win Win Scholarship Opportunity
Side by Side Reviews Win Win Win Scholarship Opportunity
CHESAPEAKE, Va. - June 20, 2018 - PRLog -- The world needs more people, organizations, and businesses dedicated to making the universe a better place.

At least, that's what the founders of SideBySideReviews.com believe. And they are actively taking steps to make that a reality.

"A business that only functions to make money for its owners or shareholders doesn't cut it - and hasn't been acceptable for a long time now," says Vice President, Dan Pine.

He continues, "A lot of people have been awakening to this reality, and we are starting to see many ingenious business models that are built on the premise of doing good while doing well. Customers care about this type of thing - they want to know that their purchase is going beyond just getting them something useful and that they are doing good in the world, helping someone out somewhere, at the same time. But doing good in just one facet of a business isn't enough anymore. Businesses that aren't structured to actively provide huge wins for every party involved are going to struggle in coming years."

Side by Side Reviews is a business built on the premise of engineering three-way Win-Win-Win scenarios.

"How does that work?", you might be wondering.

Win #1
First, they get a win for businesses who provide a top quality product or service by connecting them directly with those who are actively looking for what they offer.

Imagine that you own a business which specializes in fixing widgets.

Of the two options for getting new clients, which would you prefer:

Option A: Pay to put up advertising in various locations and hope the right person sees it and responds?

Option B: Pay only when you are connected directly with someone who has raised their hand to indicate they are actively looking for a widget repair service?

Most would choose Option B because the investment risk is so much lower.

So suppliers and providers win by being directly connected with those who are desperately in need of their product or service.

Win #2
The second win is for the customers, who save a ton of time comparison shopping and get incredibly competitive pricing.

If you have a broken widget and need it fixed ASAP, do you really want to swim through dozens of sites, reading through service descriptions, scanning hundreds of reviews and comments to find the best deal?

Or would you rather go to a single webpage with reviews of the top companies, take 30 seconds to fill out a form describing exactly what you need, and then have multiple suppliers immediately competing with each other for your business?

If you are like many, the latter sounds much more appealing, and this is exactly the experience that Side By Side Reviews offers.

Clients and consumers win by saving valuable time and getting super low pricing from top vendors because of direct competition.

Win #3
Finally, the third win happens as Side By Side Reviews successfully connects a consumer and supplier in a winning combination. Side by Side Reviews wins by helping everyone else get a win.


CEO Mike Cynar said, "I had this idea because I too own a business and understand how time consuming it can be when looking for the best products and pricing options. After having a great experience with a similar platform that connects home buyers with mortgage lenders, I simply had to bring that experience to the B2B world."

Dedicated to Creating Even More Wins in the World
And now Side By Side Reviews has found another way to inspire more winning ideas.

Or so the founders hope.

"We are living in the era of TOMS, Airbnb, Uber, and many other companies built on a model of creating wins that are incredibly inspiring," says Dan Pine. "A wave of techno-philanthropists has arisen, dedicating a tremendous amount of time, money and resources to solving some of the grandest challenges on the planet. I've personally found it tremendously inspiring, and if we can spark that type of imagination in just one or two young people, it's impossible to predict just how big the payoff could be in terms of ROI in making the world a better place."

Side By Side Reviews is launching a new scholarship program to encourage this type of win-win-win thinking.

The scholarship is open to post-secondary students currently enrolled in a wide range of majors and programs from Business to Social Sciences, Engineering, Visual Arts, Education, and more.

A minimum GPA requirement is in place to qualify, but the focal point of the competition is the essay.

While requiring an essay for a scholarship application is by no means uncommon, this one is a little different than most.

Rather than the focus being placed on technical writing skills, essays will be judged on the ability to sell the student's idea to the world. Or, at least to the Side By Side Reviews scholarship committee.

What idea?

Candidates for the scholarship are asked to describe how they create win-win-win scenarios in the world.

This could be a concrete example from the student's history, or it could be a grand vision of what the student aims to create in the world during and beyond their college or university years.

Side By Side Reviews hopes the scholarship competition will foster more creative win-win-win thinking in the world.

While it is an obvious win for the student walking away with the prize money, the less apparent victory is that all the applicants will have been forced to think about how they are going to contribute more winning ideas in their own families, social circles, schools, workplaces, and beyond.

Who knows what sparking that type of thinking might do to inspire and change the direction of the students' lives?

It's difficult to make a definitive prediction, but the founders of Side By Side Reviews are hopeful that the impact will be far-reaching and long-lasting.

What can you do today, this week, this month, this year to create a win-win-win for those around you?

To learn more or apply for the Side By Side Reviews Win-Win-Win Scholarship simply visit https://SideBySideReviews.com/scholarship/.


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