The Business of Aesthetics: Entrepreneur makes over 10K a Month designing Logos

Future Sharks got a chance to sit down with Atlanta Entrepreneur Jarrod Reque and ask him about a few key aspects of Business Branding, How he got started, and where he plan's to go.
By: Atlanta Design
Jarrod Reque - CEO, Atlanta Design
Jarrod Reque - CEO, Atlanta Design
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ATLANTA - June 17, 2018 - PRLog -- Meet Jarrod Reque, a self taught graphic designer and creative entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. After attending Georgia Gwinnett College and Penn Foster for business, Jarrod worked his way to a management position at Coastal Industries, a shower door manufacturer - he spent 4 years with the company, and then he quit his job to start his own Shower Door Business. During the process of starting his business, Jarrod had trouble finding a graphic designer he could rely on to make him a logo - he decided he'd make his own. This was the beginning of a process that would lead Jarrod to a different type of business venture. Fast forward 3 years, Jarrod now runs a graphic design firm, Atlanta Design LLC. - and makes over $10,000 a month designing logos for small businesses and startups.

Tell us about Atlanta Design, How did you come up with the idea?
Jarrod Reque: Atlanta Design is a firm I started because I realized the era we live in. Every day more and more people quit their desk jobs to pursue their dream careers. I wanted to help people like this, because I can relate to the experience. A business is just an idea that you build on, the idea is the foundation - and a good logo is like laying the first brick of what will soon be something amazing.

How did you promote Atlanta Design in the early days?
Jarrod Reque: Word of mouth and Instagram. I designed a logo for a friend who started a used car dealership. Over time, his colleagues and customers contacted me and I had a solid reputation for designing logos and providing great customer service. Instagram really helped too, I would usually design 1-2 logos just for fun every day. Soon, people started messaging me to make logos for boutiques, clothing brands etc. Every possible type of industry, whether its creative, or provides goods and services - I have designed a logo for a business in it.

How have you been able to grow your Business? Be Specific.
Jarrod Reque: Marketing to the right customers. A Lot of people who are starting new companies don't have websites yet. So I overcame that obstacle by joining facebook groups that helped people build followings for their profiles and pages. This is where I ran headfirst into thousands of entrepreneurs who were willing to hire me to make them a logo. I also had to deal with a fair share of phony people who just had an idea, but weren't driven enough to make a monetary investment in their business. It was really interesting to talk to these people. They think that they are magically going to get rich just by making a facebook page and sitting back and doing nothing. Over time, I developed a good eye for spotting people like this - and tried to avoid them at all costs.

Teach us something we don't know about.
Jarrod Reque: The Gestalt Principles of Grouping - Proximity, Similarity, Closure, Continuation, and Form… aka the secret to designing anything cool.

First off, the funny sounding name, Gestalt, is a psychology term which means "unified whole". It refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in the 1920s. These theories attempt to describe how people tend to organize visual elements into groups or unified wholes when certain principles are applied.

Basically, if you use these in the right way when making a logo - especially one that relies heavily on typography… You are making actual magic happen in the form of graphic design.

What are some of the best books you've ever read?
Jarrod Reque: I've read a lot of good books, but the only one that I could consider as the best book i've ever read is called On the Aesthetic Education of Man by Friedrich Schiller. To the average person, it may be kind of boring, but I feel it has is something that many people my age, in today's culture should read. Schiller observes that people cannot transcend their circumstances without education. The book conceives art as the vehicle of education, and that one can liberate individuals from the constraints and excesses of either pure nature or pure mind. Through aesthetic experience, he asserts, people can reconcile the inner antagonism between sense and intellect, nature and reason.

Where do you see yourself and your product in a couple years? What's your dream?
Jarrod Reque: Well, first off - I'd like to have established a platform for businesses to have their brand indexed, completely. For instance, Coca-Cola would have a profile that listed the company colors, the different logos over time, and the various themes they have used in branding themselves as a business, typography used in the logo, elements used in advertising etc. I think this sort of universal index would be great for startups to learn what works and what things to focus on in specific industrial markets. It would give them an opportunity to list their own branding strategy as well.

My Dream is a simple one. Live long and make tons of money. Not just tons of money for myself, but for other people too. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing someone start a business, and then becoming successful. When I make a logo for a company, i'm attached to it forever.

Atlanta Design, LLC. is a Graphic Design firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find out more by visiting their website at

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