Trump Portrait 'Free Speech' Lawsuit Against Smithsonian Portrait Gallery Director Awaits Federal Judge's Decision After DOJ Files Final Argument

By: Julian Raven Artist
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MANHATTAN, N.Y. - May 26, 2018 - PRLog -- On December 1st, 2016, just weeks before the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump, artist Julian Raven applied to the Smithsonian NPG to have his Presidential portrait displayed during the inauguration as a tribute to Donald Trump's unprecedented and historic victory.

With the full support of elected officials from up state New York, including congressman Tom Reed among many others, the application was submitted.

During the 2009 and 2013 inauguration festivities, the Obama 'Hope' poster was displayed among other portraits celebrating Barack Obama's historic victories.  The Trump portrait 'Unafraid And Unashamed' during the summer of 2016 was displayed along with one of the original Obama 'Hope' posters at the Politicon art show 'The Art of Politics' in LA curated by Yosi Sergant, inspiration and patron of the Obama 'Hope' poster created by artist Shepherd Fairey.  Sergant had contacted Raven inviting him to show his portrait at Politicon as the only serious pro-Trump political portrait.  There was no lack of anti-Trump art at the show, even conservative artist SABO was still anti-Trump at the time and displayed a couple of his Trump mockeries.

After campaigning across the country with the portrait and also being elected as an alternate New York Delegate, Raven would even bring copies of the larger than life portrait to the GOP convention in Cleveland 2016.  An image of the painting was shown on screen and around the world, during the convention as part of the viral video 'The Trump Family I know' created by Trump employee Lynne Patton.  After enjoying tremendous global exposure during the GOP convention, the portrait would continue to serve as the backdrop to up state New York rallies and campaigns.

Once Donald Trump won the election on November 8th 2016, the echo of the voices of people from all over the country sounded in Raven's head...'this portrait needs to be in the Smithsonian...' was the common thread from New York to LA!

Upon application, the unprecedented anti-Trump bias and hostility in the liberally controlled Smithsonian boiled over.  In less than 24 hours of the emailed 20 page formal application to the National Portrait Gallery, In an 11 minute personal call from the Director Kim Sajet to artist Julian Raven, which rapidly descended into an argument, as the Director rattled off her fabricated, arbitrary and personal objections to the portrait without having even personally seen it, except in small images sent by email, artist Raven's application was completely rejected leaving him stunned and speechless!
DOJ's response:
Raven's response:
DOJ's fInal response:

Was the rejection of the application based on clear violations of Smithsonian Portrait Gallery standards of portraiture acceptance? Or was it as Raven claims a personal and biased constitution violating anti-Trump rant by the Director who subsequently attended the anti-Trump 'Women's March' and tweeted to the official @NPGDirector's twitter feed smiling pictures of herself at the protest march with the words 'Loved the Women's March on D.C.!"

District Judge Trevor McFadden must now decide if the case moves forward to discovery.

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