Power Candles Added To The Luxury Market

Unbelievably powerful high end fragrance in a candle is now on the luxury market. The most unusual thing about this product is the price. Luxury candles tend to price out of the range of the average buyer, but not this line! Starting with a balanced seven high-performance candles and finishing with four ultimate luxury candles, packaged to perfection, look out over-priced products, there's a new standard on the market and it's manufactured in the USA!
FRANKFORT, Ky. & SCARSDALE, N.Y. & WASHINGTON & GREAT FALLS, Va. - May 22, 2018 - PRLog -- The Candleberry Candle Company, in business for 23 years and known for its famous Kentucky Bourbon® and Hot Maple Toddy® Candles, is now branching into the luxury candle market, by way of their newly created luxury candle brand, UnEarthed® Candles.  In development for three years and polished to perfection, UnEarthed®, like the Candleberry® brand, sets out to surpass all others of its kind by way of the company trademarked, Advanced Fragrance Technology® development process and offering a "luxury" candle for a reasonable price. The new UnEarthed® Luxury Candle brand utilizes a soy vegetable-based blend of waxes, proprietary to the brand and offers fragrances that are of the most desired qualities on the market.

When Candleberry® developed the UnEarthed® line, they left no stone unturned, treating the burn quality of the candle as just as important as the wax blend, the fragrance quality and the power and range of fragrances developed.  "We saw the quality of the average 'luxury candle' on the market today and realized we were already surpassing the standard by miles with the Candleberry® line, so why wouldn't we give the luxury market the quality it struggles to produce?" says Lisa Clark, UnEarthed® Product Designer, "Although there are some fine luxury candles out there, when we sampled a multitude of luxury candles available today, we realized we were looking at a big percentage of sub-par products, not worthy of their price tag.  So, we made the decision to show the market what our version of a luxury candle is. The UnEarthed® luxury candle consists of amazing quality, including a beautiful burn, packaging that will go with any decor, gift packaging that rivals all luxury candle brands and fragrance that travels through an entire household. They are made with zero dyes, zero added fragrance-diluting chemicals and zero microcrystalline. Although microcrystalline can make a pretty candle, it can also make for an uncomfortable allergic skin and/or respiratory reaction, due to an excessive production of carbon and trace amounts of nitrogen and sulfur during combustion.  UnEarthed® is simply a luxury brand, in which no expense was spared, for the ultimate in fragrance performance and quality."

In the spring of 2018, www.UnEarthedcandles.com, featuring the entire UnEarthed® Luxury Candle line, went live and shot straight to the top 7% of website traffic for companies launched within the same time period.  Included in the UnEarthed® lineup are Italian-inspired categories, Lusso, Luxury Gift Candle, Lusso Latta, Luxury Travel Tin, Luminare Vitrum, High Performance Candle, Magna Vitrum, Three Wick Candle and Minima Vitrum, 7-Votive Luxury Gift Set.  The UnEarthed® website product pages not only offer a nostalgic, descriptive prelude to a comprehensive fragrance note listing but it also sums notes into clear, smaller groupings for the novice scented candle user. Each product within the collection even lists suggested rooms for the corresponding fragrance.

The market for the kind of quality offered by UnEarthed®, at a realistic price, is expected to become the go-to household candle for the luxury market, over the next few years. UnEarthed® Candle sales and distribution will hit peak performance, for 2018, during the upcoming candle season, which is early August through late December.  To get an early jump on product availability, find more information at www.unearthedcandles.com.

UnEarthed® by Candleberry

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