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The website has become the most indispensable thing for every organization and to run the website
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GURGAON, India - May 15, 2018 - PRLog -- The website has become the most indispensable thing for every organization and to run the website there are certain technicalities which have to be taken care of because if which the companies hire the best hosting and domain services providers as they are the most experienced professionals who offer best web hosting services and domain requirements.

If you desire to have your company's website then you have to have a domain name which will be our identification online. Often it's difficult to cater the different technicalities relating domain services.

The web hosting is of two types:-

• Dedicated Hosting
• Shared Hosting

In this article, we will discuss the dedicated hosting especially its advantages over the shared hosting so that the companies become clear that which is the best web hosting services suits their business best.

The following are the differences between dedicated and shared hosting:-

1. Level of Performance:-

Shared Hosting:-

This type of hosting possesses limited performances because the servers are entrusted with running numerous websites at the same time. So you will never be in a position to know that how your website does performs and also what is your customer's reaction after using your website. As many websites with several types of traffic will be running on the same host then there are fair chances that your website will start working slow or even there might be other technical difficulties.

which your customers might be facing. If your website is even slow by 2 -3 seconds then the visitors deny staying on your website. Even there are shared hosting agencies which charge you extra if your website is getting extra traffic, so in this case, you have to be particular to know the terms and conditions of the hosting providers.

Dedicated Hosting:-

If you choose to spend more and have a dedicated hosting then you don't have to worry about the problems of extra paying for more traffics, slow pace of your website etc because your server will be entrusted to work only for your website, so the traffic can be infinite numbers and the uploading speed will also be high so you don't have to have to face any issues regarding this.

2. Disk Space and Bandwidth:-

Shared Hosting:-you can only use the bandwidth and disk space which is entrusted to you by your web hosting services providers because like yours there will be more websites which have to use the disk space and bandwidth from the same server. If it is not mentioned that you can use unlimited bandwidth, disk space, the hosting providers tend to charge more if you have used more than your allotment.

Dedicated Hosting:-

Dedicated hosting users have the power of using unlimited disk space and bandwidth as the whole server's space is bought for them so there is no limitation of any storage issues for these website owners. So just chill and you can work at your own pace and even use the hosting services in the manner you want, unlimited files storage, data uploading, downloading, etc.

3. Level of Security:-

Shared Hosting:-

Security is at risk all the time as you are not aware which websites are sharing the hosting with you. If for instance, the other websites are catering certain illegal work online like distribution of copyrighted documents or gambling etc then the server's IP address will be blacklisted by the search engines. Or it can also happen that the entire server is tarnished. Though the hosting providers install the security.

software or the firewalls but still, one strong virus is enough to disrupt the all the websites which are using the same server and so your website can also be crashed without any illegal practices or virus detection in your website.

Dedicated Hosting:-

In this type of hosting the risk is comparatively low and high security is guaranteed as you alone will be using this server so to keep it safe you can install the anti-virus and firewalls which are enough to keep your website safe and sound. You can hire the best hosting and domain service providers who will be entrusted with providing the servers with scanning systems, updates, security audits, backups and 24/7 monitoring of the network.

To avail the domain services perfectly it's better to hire the best domain service, providers.Here i have tried to discuss about the web hosting types and tell about the which web hosting is important or goog your website .Here i had orovided the detailed study of theweb hosting service (https://startuparena.in/category/web-hosting-domain-cloud...)

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