Multi Emmy-Winning Filmmaker Sets Free LA Film School Summer Sessions Designed For Those Who Want To Make Movies

Award winning Hollywood filmmaker Shane Stanley ("Mistrust" with Jane Seymour debuts on Show Time, June 1; "Gridiron Gang") gives his valued time, experience and energy to teach tuition-free filmmaking this summer in to tomorrow's movie makers, TV creators in L.A.
By: Shane Stanley
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What You Don't Learn in Film School
What You Don't Learn in Film School
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - May 16, 2018 - PRLog -- Filmmaker Shane Stanley, author of the popular new book, What You Don't Learn In Film School is a lifelong entertainment industry insider, who has worked in every aspect of the business, covering a multitude of movies, television shows and other successful projects. At 46 years old, he has been a steady earner in film and television since he was in diapers with a career that started in front of the camera at 9 months old and grew into a life of an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker spanning over three decades.

Today, while still busy with a bustling career in Hollywood (his latest project MISTRUST, starring Jane Seymour premiers on Showtime Friday, June 1st) Stanley wants to help those seeking to break into the "business" - specifically film school grads - and at no cost. His first-time students will be invited to sign up for a free "hands-on" filmmaking experience in what he calls his "Summer Sessions" which will take place in Los Angeles this June through August. "Over 80% of graduates who earn degrees are floundering and likely to never earn a dime in the motion picture or television industry. Too often students graduate with the illusions of grandeur they're going to get discovered, knock Hollywood on its ear and become the next Tarantino or Damien Chazelle. We're going to retool that mentality (and enthusiasm) into something more realistic and obtainable."

Stanley believes many schools are endorsing that reckless mindset, preying on student's hopes and dreams while happily collecting costly tuitions. "The blue collar, roll up your sleeves and dig ditches to make it approach isn't being implemented and in turn is not preparing students for the rough road ahead, let alone the real world." While it's not uncommon for grads to be in the hole well over a quarter million dollars by the time they get their degree, he sheds light on the other side of this unchecked system. "Before you know it, student loans have piled up, careers aren't launched and too many grads are forced to scramble to find work in another field just to cover the overwhelming debt they amassed in film school. They're frustrations grow, and they're forced to abandoned ship before given the time to realize their dream."

His book, What You Don't Learn In Film School and the approach he takes to educate the next generation of storytellers has been endorsed by A-list Producers, Network and Studio Presidents and some of the industry's most respected people in front of and behind the camera. But now, Stanley is taking on the motion picture industry's educational system and doesn't care who he offends - even if it's the professors and universities who recently have endorsed his book. He feels passionate that film school grads need to be given a fair chance to succeed by getting a complete education, not just the one they're being fed which too often doesn't prepare them for a career or longevity in the industry.

Although Stanley insists there is value to a formal education - specifically in learning a trade - he is challenging the curricula and those who are teaching it. "The more digging I did into the teachers, it was shocking how many had such limited experience working in our industry - and if they did at all - it was twenty or thirty years ago on projects with little or no significance." He sings the praises of a few programs taught by instructors who are relevant, knowledgeable and have a firm grasp on the current climate of the industry. "I respect what Professors Christopher Rossiter at LA City College, Lisa Swain at Biola, and Chris Hansen at Baylor are doing. They're lifers who know their craft inside and out and are offering students so much more than the norm - they have set the bar high and top tier schools need to take notice."

Stanley has discovered, unlike in several other industries, when grads leave film school they're left to clamor for the same few jobs in the same small city and the schools are doing next to nothing to help them. "They've gotten a degree in playing the lottery and discover it quickly," he quips. Although Stanley wants to make clear he does not believe it's the schools responsibility to find their grads jobs, he feels strongly that there needs to be a mentorship or post-grad program in place to help them get a leg up once they leave the nest. When he can, Stanley makes calls to his cherished contacts to help deserving grads get an opportunity and has had some success with job placement at both production and executive levels. "It's a never-ending cycle that resurfaces at the end of every school year and its time to do something about it. We've got to increase the success rate of grads finding work in our industry and I'm committed to do it, one student at a time."

Stanley wants to mentor, educate and motivate young movie makers by offering What You Don't Learn In Film School Summer Sessions tuition-free for those who want to learn "hands-on" instruction from A to Z in business of making movies and having a successful career.

For information on how to attend What You Don't Learn in Film School Summer Sessions, go to Shane's website and click on SUMMER SESSIONS and follow him on social media for updates on classes and locations as they're being scheduled.

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