What All Steps are Required in Back Pain Management ?

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Back Pain Management
Back Pain Management
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ABUJA, Nigeria - May 12, 2018 - PRLog -- Spine is the part of the body which controls the movement of the body. The way when to bend and how to bend the body in different direction is determined by spine only. It is considered as the defining characteristic of the body and is also known as vertebrae. The function of standing while sitting and vice versa is done with the help of spine. However, there are some diseases which don't let the spine work in its normal way. They usually cause back pain. Consulting a specialist is the best way to deal with this problem.

Back pain is the pain which is felt in the back portion of the body. It is more common in adults but can be suffered by people of any age. It is painful and uncomfortable but usually not serious. There are different causes of this condition. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below –
• Strained muscles and ligaments is the most common reason. It can be due to lifting something in a wrong way or lifting something which is too heavy leading to awkward movement.
• Bulging or ruptured disk will add pressure on the nerve resulting in this condition.
• Sciatica is a condition which causes radiating pain that runs down form one or both leg. It is usually caused when a herniated disc in the spine presses on the nerve.
• Arthritis – patients suffering from osteoarthritis commonly experience problems of this pain. It is a type of arthritis in which flexible tissue at the end of bone wear down.
• Scoliosis is a medical condition in which there is curvature of the spine. It is curved to one side.
• Some other causes include cauda equine syndrome, spine cancer, spine infection and sleep disorders.

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You should consult a doctor when you are suffering additional problems with this pain. Some of the common symptoms which are accompanied with this type of pain are -
• Loss of weight.
• Fever that is not related to any other condition.
• Back pain which is persistent. Even lying down won't help.
• Radiating pain down the leg.
• Pain which reaches below the knees.
• Numbness around the genitals, anus or buttocks.
• Difficulty while urinating.
• Losing your bowel control or suffering from urinary incontinence.

First step of back pain management in India is done with the help of proper diagnosis. Some of the diagnostic methods are as follows –
• X-rays – It shows the alignment of the bone. Broken bones and arthritis is seen by X-rays.
• MRI and CT scans – problems with herniated disk or tissues, tendons, nerves, ligaments etc are seen by this.
• Bone scan – this scan is done to find out bone tumor or compression fractures caused by osteoporosis.
• EMG – In this test, the electrical impulses produced by nerves in response to muscles is measured. It confirms nerve compression.

Treatment is the final step of back pain management. Physical therapy like application of heat, ice, ultrasound and electrical stimulation is used to alleviate the pain. But when these methods fail to do ease off the symptoms, then there is need of surgery. Some of the common surgical techniques are –
• Spinal Fusion – It is a surgical procedure which corrects the small bones of the spine. The goal of spinal fusion is to fuse together painful vertebrae and they heal into a solid and single bone. It is used to treat conditions such as degenerative disk disease, spondylolistehsis, spinal stenosis and scoliosis. It uses bone graft to cause two vertebral bodies to grow together into one long bone. It is either taken from the patient's hip or harvested from the cadever bone.
• Disk Replacement – Artificial disk replacement is the procedure in which worn or damaged disk material between the small bones in the spine are removed. They are then replaced with synthetic or artificial disk. This surgery takes around 2-3 hours to complete. Surgeon approaches lower back from the front through an incision in the abdomen. After the procedure, you may have to stay for 3-4 days in the hospital for recovery.
• Laminectomy – It is the procedure to remove the parts of the bone, bone spurs and ligaments in the back. Pain and weakness are eased off by relieving pressure on spinal nerves. In some of the procedures, doctors use this procedure along with spinal fusion.

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