Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng Brings The Laws of Time Travel To MarCon

After conducting the most breakthrough research since Einstein in areas that would effect the prospects of time travel, Marshall Barnes brings his most recent results to the science portion of the MarCon science fiction convention Friday - Sunday
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COLUMBUS, Ohio - May 11, 2018 - PRLog -- Though the subject of time travel has been a part of science fiction since H.G. Wells and his book,
The Time Machine, for the first time ever, the idea of traveling to other eras has become a definitive possibility and far, far closer than you think. That's what attendees will learn, first hand, from one of the premiere researchers in that field, Marshall Barnes, the internationally noted and followed advance concept science and technology research and development engineer. In the last 24 months Marshall has single handedly proven that retrocausality experiments don't change the past but result in new, parallel universes but with discontinuous pasts, that John Archibald Wheeler's Participatory Universe model is real and behind the strangeness of quantum mechanics, how time travel is now radically closer to a reality than ever thought possible and has fulfilled National Medal of Science winner, Yakir Aharonov's 1992 prediction that someone would be able to miniaturize his concept for a quantum trigger control device. Marshall not only made one - but five such devices as well as experimental stages for testing the Hugh Everett Relative State hypothesis which is the foundation for the quantum mechanics of parallel universes.

"The field of time travel research is going strong but the funny thing is that most people are clueless about it," Marshall says, "and making matters worse is geek culture, which pays little more than pedestrian level attention to what's going on, and that's amplified by highly inaccurate time travel science fiction, like NBC's Timeless, whose producers, writers, and actor Malcom Barrett, further obscure and obfuscate the truth. And the result is like accepting science fiction about going to the moon, flying in a bullet shaped rocket, not wearing space suits and stepping out after landing and breathing air, after we all know that is ridiculous."

Marshall points out that Shawn Ryan, co-creator of the show, actually dissed time travel fans who had pointed out things about the show that didn't add up. Ryan tweeted, "for a science that doesn't exist yet, time travel fans seem certain of what the rules are".

"I wasn't a part of the original conversation but when I saw that the co-creator of a show that uses time travel, was dissing time travel fans at the same time that the show was dropping in the ratings, that told me that Ryan is not only a jack ass but a stupid one as well. That was the first inkling I had that the people behind this show not only weren't aware of the state of the art of the subject matter, but held those who cared, in disdain".

Timeless is in danger of being canceled again, something Marshall predicted, as well as predicting that its first season would be canceled which it was - before a highly vocal minority of fans threw a "hissy fit" and the network relented by giving the show a half season reprieve. Marshall understands what the show's problems are and will talk on that during one of his presentations at MarCon.

"The problems are in the writing, its conceptualization, and the marketing as well. The network is also partially to blame".

One of Marshall's presentations over the weekend will be for science fiction writers who want to write time travel that refelcts the new knowledge as the fan base becomes more and more aware that old standard plot elements like paradoxes, are not only scientifically inaccurate, but once you analyze them, appear as obvious nonsense.

"Timeless has presented an opportunity to fire a shot across the bow of Hollywood and beyond," Marshall said. "There is a real science to time travel and not paying attention to that will just end up with another failure like Timeless".

Marshall is author of the book, Paradox Lost: The True Geometries of Time Travel (see ) based on his 2013 special report to select members of Congress, by the same name.

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