America 2030 Capital Limited is Pleased to Announce New Stock Broker Dealer Relationships

America 2030 is off to a blockbuster year as it forges 16 new relationships with International Broker Dealers. The Stock Broker Dealers are necessary in order to arrange for loans and acceptance of publicly traded securities worldwide.
By: America 2030 Capital Limited
Logo America 2030 Capital Limited
Logo America 2030 Capital Limited
MANHATTAN, N.Y. - April 15, 2018 - PRLog -- America 2030 Capital Limited has established contractural relationships with some of the world's top Stock Brokers (Broker Dealers) and major International Banks which offer securities trading and custodian services.

As the firm rockets ahead by offering stock loans worldwide, it is in need to establish relationships with Stock Brokers who are willing to accept the publicly traded securities of its clients. The Stock Brokers are also needed to take custody of the securities when they are not being transferred to America 2030 Capital,  which acts as a direct lender to stock borrowers, or those seeking to margin their stock.

There are two types of stock loans that the firm offers. The first is a Title Transfer Loan "TTL" and in this situation, the stock loan borrower transfers the shares to the lender who keeps them during the duration of the loan. The lender returns the shares at the maturity of the stock loan.

Some borrowers can't or don't want to transfer the securities to the lender during the loan pendency. In those situations, a Broker Dealer acts as a neutral third party and keeps the securities (stocks) as a custodian. These are called No-Title Transfer "NTT" stock loans and in these cases, Broker Dealers are required because they act as a custodian.

The firm recently started focusing on the American securities lending market after a number of successful years in Europe and Asia.

Val Sklarov the firms President states the following; "In the USA, many OTC and stocks trading under $3 dollars are not margin-able, meaning the person who owns these stocks can't margin them (borrow against) or is having a difficult time finding financing sources. As a direct lender, we can provide stock loans for USA listed stocks trading on NASDAQ, OTC, AMEX as well as NYSE. There are many clients who require a stock loan but can't seem to find one. Our firms interest rates start at 2.9% with term length of up to 10 years. Our 16 new International Broker Dealer relationships will assist our continued growth as we enter new world markets and continue to grow."

stock loans 股票貸款
securitized lending 證券化貸款
margin lending 保證金貸款
Shanghai stock market 上海股市
loans backed by securities 證券支持的貸款
Shenzhen stock market 深圳股市
Hong Kong stock market 香港股市
stock loan borrowing 股票借貸

For further information, please contact Val Sklarov at or Mark Bentley at

This press release does not imply or guarantee funding, does not imply that borrowers will fulfill all obligations and conditions, that the loans will close timely, or at all or that contracts may not be rescinded, terminated or not be withdrawn. This press release is speculative and may be withdrawn. No future or past client should rely on its accuracy, nor will it imply that you will be funded.


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