Myths About Sugar is it Good Or Bad?

While eating too much sugar is indirectly associated with obesity and a host of heart and liver-related problems, there are plenty of myths out! Here are just a few.
BRANDON, Miss. - March 28, 2018 - PRLog -- Myth #1: Some Sugars Are Worse Than Others!
There's this idea that there are different types of sugar, but that's a myth. Brown
sugar, white sugar, honey, table sugar, agave, and high-fructose corn syrup contribute calories (between 48 and 64 a tablespoon). They are ALL ultimately broken down into the same thing: Glucose. All forms of sugar are carbohydrates that can be used as glucose. We all need sugar, it's the basic building block of what runs our bodies. A Well-known cardiologist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital recommends his patients have more fruits and vegetables and lean proteins because of all of the overly processed ingredients surrounding sugary foods we buy at the grocery store.
MYTH #2: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes!
Eating sugar does not cause diabetes. Diabetes is caused by a complicated problem involving your pancreas and metabolism. When you have diabetes, you don't produce enough insulin. Insulin helps the glucose get absorbed into your bloodstream and liver as usable energy. You are more likely to develop diabetes if you are overweight or obese.

MYTH #4: Sugar is the root of all of your health problems!

Sugar is rarely the only reason behind obesity and heart disease. There's no doubt that sugar is a contributing factor to obesity. But it isn't the only thing to consider when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sugary foods happen to have lots of calories and are usually heavily processed. It's simple: if you eat a lot of calories, you'll gain weight and become unhealthy.

MYTH #5: Sugar Causes Cavities!

Cavities are actually caused by acidic foods and drinks that wear away the enamel on your teeth. Sugar isn't the cause of tooth decay, acid is. The most cavity-causing food is crackers and breads, not candy. When you eat something with sugar, bacteria that naturally reside in your mouth consume this sugar as well. Bacteria's waste product is acid, so after they have a meal, they excrete acid. Acid de-calcifies or de-mineralizes tooth enamel by taking away its structure, creating decay.

I hope you found these myths about sugar as enlightening as I did. I certainly did not know about them before I did the research. I believed like most people, that these were truths that I was led to believe. Just goes to show you, "Don't Believe Everything You Hear".

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