Actress Shudan Wang Prepping for a New Superhero Role?

Beautiful Martial Arts and Weapons Expert Seems to be Training Harder Than Ever!
By: Shudan Wang
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Shudan Wang - Extraordinary Martial Artist & Weapons Expert
Shudan Wang - Extraordinary Martial Artist & Weapons Expert
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - March 28, 2018 - PRLog -- There is always talk of upcoming superhero movies here in the "Film Capitol of the World."  But now there are substantiated discussions and "serious" rumors concerning multiple upcoming superhero television series.  Most interesting is the expectation of many in Hollywood that martial arts and weapons expert Shudan Wang may very well play a major character in more than one of those productions.

Shudan Wang is a very gifted martial artist and weapons expert – and an exceptionally talented actress.  Two producer friends asked if we were aware of "her new videos?"

"She's doing some serious training," they told us.  "We don't think it's coincidental that someone is taping her training and leaking video clips on social media this close to pre-production."

We caught up with Shudan Wang on the red carpet at the World Premiere of "The Letter Red" in Hollywood and asked her ourselves.

"We've seen some new videos where you're using all sorts of martial arts weapons and swords, even chains – and very impressively" we said to Ms. Wang.  "You seem to have taken training to a new level.  Does that mean that the rumors are true – that you'll be starring in a new superhero movie or television show – or both?"

"I always train hard,"
Shudan Wang answered.  "The better one gets, the more one trains."

We asked her again about the upcoming superhero TV shows.  "Very wise people suggest that we believe nothing until the contract is signed," Shudan told us.  She paused momentarily, smiled and added almost under-her-breath, "and the check clears the bank."  Shudan was having fun with us.

"There has been a lot of talk," Shudan admitted in a more serious tone, "but I have yet to sign a contract for either of the projects."

"Oh, so there are two projects?"
we asked.  Shudan turned her head slightly and leaned in as if, suddenly, she was having trouble hearing us.  With a very slight grin and a mischievous twinkle in her eye, she responded with, "Oh, you're very welcome.  Thank you," and moved to the next camera and microphone.

Shudan Wang, coming soon to a theater near you.

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Shudan Wang is represented by Christopher Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, Hollywood, CA


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