Canadian Office Spring Cleaning And The Upcoming Tax Scam Calls Of 2018

This Spring season will be busy, on one end is the cleaning and on the other are the scam calls. Those things do have seasons now!
By: EA Locksmith Waterloo
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Canada Cyber Security-Beware Of Scams
Canada Cyber Security-Beware Of Scams
WATERLOO, Ontario & KITCHENER, Ontario - March 29, 2018 - PRLog -- The Spring Cleaning
As you know and probably feel it, spring is here and one of the most important things about spring is cleaning and refreshing your office. While examining our head office location it did definitely need duct cleaning, new locks installed and also have our office repainted.

In addition, we decided to add an Ikea leather sofa for power naps.
It is known that having a nap sofa in your office is a good idea, 20-minute naps can help gain extra focus stamina. That is of course if you can actually fall into sleep, it is definitely a challenge when the phone keeps ringing every other minute.

Must note that our work environment is much more efficient when we are free of spring allergies and have clean vents with fresh crisp air busting through which makes it easy to be able to breathe through your nasal ways to help proper brain functioning and even fall asleep in an instant when wanting to nap in the midst of the chaos.

Our Locks:
Among all the cleaning why new locks and keys, you ask, well it is known that your key can be pretty much anywhere because it is so easy to duplicate we resolved it with having a controlled set of keys which cannot be duplicated, perhaps your local locksmith can help you with that. Worn off handles are to be replaced next after everything is clean. Those handle latches are the first to snap after the wear signs are visible to the naked eye and best be replaced before snapping and requiring an emergency locksmith service. Depending on your area the best pick for a locksmith is through your Three Best Rated sites and business listing reviews of each locksmith business. Typically locksmith businesses can quote you an accurately estimated price and often full pre-quoted if you provide enough information on the scope of the work and enough detail to grasp the situation and calculate potential cost scenarios to avoid miscommunication. We will talk about the costs at the bottom.

Our Ducts:
The weather here in southwestern part of Ontario Canada works in mysterious ways but when watching close, spring brings all those frozen bacteria back to life. It is enough to inhale the chilling breeze and you start feeling the sickness up in your throat.

Cleaning your ducts, painting, or simply changing locks in a home or office resets your consciousness and helps to move on through the season. You do not have to do any of the mentioned above, but general cleaning simply helps your mind to remain sane and properly functioning.

Your Ducts need to be cleaned once in every 3 years and best be cleaned by a professionally licensed gas fitter. So he could also clean the furnace. Good reliable duct cleaning companies can definitely provide even drier cleaning and other services. We found ours by getting a spot on the estimate by a local duct cleaning here in Kitchener Ontario called Preferred Duct Cleaning which made the most sense overall on the price. Judging by the Google reviews we weren't far from perfect.

Cleaning is necessary also for the sake of the change, our permanent locations chain us into being stuck in our patterns and all of us family type of people have it. We have to break the pattern and we have to change, hopefully for the better and what is better you ask?

Cleaning is better, changing from old to new is better, doing better is better, thinking better is also better but mostly digging better for the right kind of service for the right price.

Our Costs:

It's the costs while calling around you will probably fall prey to all types of businesses with different types of practices but what sure is the ability to quote ahead. It proves that the job was done repetitively enough to estimate almost any scenario with a slight chance of a mistake. So, for example, duct cleaning, a service which would cost $220 CAD for 17 vents would be considered relatively cheap. A professional would be able to give you a close enough quote to what the cost adds up to.

Locks changed or rekeyed for example 2 locks rekeyed by a locksmith on site would cost around $20 CAD per lock the cheapest not including service call. Locks vary in prices store prices hang around $40 CAD to $70 CAD for a decent lock but what sure is is the cheapest labor to install them which hangs around $20 CAD per door not including fresh installations. You would have to provide each and every detail of the job in order for the nearest locksmith to price it over the phone and provide you with a solid quote.

Some charge additional fees on site upon arrival, our best tip is that a professional locksmith always knows the prices, unlike a call center.

Our Taxes:

With Spring cleaning come the taxes, one thing we learned about Canadian taxes is that CRA does not play games they are in for the money that they see you owing them according to of course to their averages and statistics. Audits are already and will be more common in the future as there are much more sophisticated systems to detect any fluctuation in the relativity of personal economics and since there are statistics computers make statistics more accurate. You can get easily flagged if earned less over the course of two years and spent more. This overspend situation is obviously a flag. The advice here is to always have a record, some sort of record for each claim you made. For example, if you have a work car have it registered only on the business, you will then must record milage which can be difficult if you are a small business or work on a fee instead of a salary, one example is to save it in an app. Google Maps is actually saving your trips and sends you a report of your activity through your Gmail account which you have used when searching GPS directions in your Gmaps.

You now have an actual record of mileage and it would help you recover you milage book easily.

Their Scam Seasons:

Another thing to beware of is the tax scams which seemed to die down this year, however. It is only in August 2018 when some people will be audited for sure because it will be just like in the previous year where we mentioned about systematic tax scam calls attempting to extort. It is because they are aware that there will be audits and it's just how the system is statistically there will be flagged accounts and so if then you are flooded with a new wave of CRA tax scammers who call you and threaten you pretending to be the CRA.

How would you know it is not CRA? How do you catch the perpetrator?
You must use their lack of knowledge of you to your advantage, ask a few questions to clarify the nature of the charges and investigate further. Then without reaching a conflict simply shut your phone and then report this number to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center. They will be loving your info.
It is almost scary how systematic and normative it is. To fall into a scam, not talking about a business trying to make some money to pay for bills and general progress and hire employees. It is about the scam systems which are coming back year after year like a machine.

Our Personal Views:

Did someone program those people just to-not care and bluntly scam you for your pocket? The worldview here is if you are dumb enough to fall into a scam then it is your own fault and you should be scammed. We have witnessed such views and we are able to fight it, but we do have to do better for ourselves. We have to survive to show the scammers that this economy that they are creating is simply harming the rest of us and will not be tolerated. We will not get anywhere without creating a safe practice environment for all and simply due to natures imperfection we won't end up making the same money. So why scam? A lifestyle perhaps?

Among other common scams are phishing emails which target your wallet or your personal information so it can be used in certain areas of the web. Spotting those emails is easy it is information which doesn't add up and if you just share it with one or two of your friends or relative they will definitely most likely refresh your mind.

Lastly, the CRA in Canada would send you a letter letting you know what are the reasons for the audit and what they really care about is how much can you pay back because honestly with the debt levels up in here is "Oh they are coming. Coming hard."

We will be talking more about these and other scam tactics and try to understand how they come to be and stay in business and hopefully shed some light on self-defense mechanisms potentially available to us to avoid falling prey to a scam or a predator.

List of scam subjects currently - CRA Scams, Telephone Google My Business Listing AutoCall Scams, Google MyBusiness Listing Removal Fake AutoCall Warning, Fake GoogleMyBusiness customer service numbers warning.

There are more developing stories as we go about our daily, all types of cyber threats and attacks. Just recently reported having multiple spam followers with fake emails who spammfollow blogs and cannot be removed. Perhaps there is so much evil out there that it is simply uncontrollable.

This was your local locksmith just doing my duty from KW Ontario Canada.

Have a safe and refreshing Spring season,


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