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Canadian Elderberries is proud to collaborate since 2013, various causes and research on cancer.
By: Panda Worldwide (Green Food)
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DUBAI HEALTHCARE CITY, UAE - March 21, 2018 - PRLog -- Canadian Elderberries
is proud to collaborate since 2013, various causes and research on cancer.

The Power of Polyphenols
Although elderberries have been recognized for their antiviral properties for many years, it is thanks to Fruitomed and its many scientific partners that Canada's elderberries have been made popular for their excellent antioxidant properties. Also, IMMUNIA Canada is proud to collaborate since 2013, various causes and research on cancer.

Powerful natural antioxidant
Natural antioxidants easily available with its polyphenol concentrate, IMMUNIA Canada The polyphenols in elderberries are molecules with antioxidant capacities that provide health benefits. These molecules help to combat the formation of excess free radicals in the body.

According to an article written by Dr. Richard Béliveau (Les polyphénols, molécules de longévité. Journal de Montréal, 11 novembre 2013),  a large number of epidemiology studies have shown that high consumption of polyphenol-rich foods is associated with a significant decrease in chronic diseases.


Inflammation is the immune system's normal protective response to an injury or negative external stimulus such as pathogens, allergens and other irritants. Inflammation serves to overcome infections and repair damaged tissues.
However, inflammation that persists because of recurring stimulus leads to chronic inflammation and contributes to the onset of many inflammatory diseases, such as arthritis and rheumatism. The combination of the elderberries' various polyphenols helps relieve this joint pain.

(Sambucus canadensis)

Elderberries are delicious, edible, small berries that are rich in vitamin A, B6, C, in fibre, minerals, and in polyphenols. These small berries, that grow in clusters, come from a beautiful shrub that flowers during 4 weeks in July and gives its dark purple, almost black fruits in September.  Although wild elderberries (native) whose taste is not as pleasant are found in Québec, we now grow elderberries in Québec from cultivars that were specifically developed by Agriculture Canada for fruit production. Although they are delicious, elderberries are rather difficult to eat, as they are difficult to remove from the stalk and to clean. Canadensis elderberries are of the size of wild blueberries and their stems stick to the berries, making them difficult to clean. Furthermore, there is a seed measuring roughly one millimetre that some people can find bothersome in the mouth.

(Vaccinium spp.)

The term "blueberry", which first appeared in language in 1830, is simply derived from the word "blue". Blueberries are native to North America while bilberries are native to Eurasia and the west coast of North America. Blueberries have been consumed by North American Indians for hundreds of years. They ate them raw or cooked, by making pemmican, conserved them in animal fat or dried them to eat them in winter.

(Ribes nigrum)

(Lonicera Caerulea sp)

(Aronia melanocarpa)

1 – 2 m high shrub   |   Flowers in May   |   Bears fruit in September   |   2 kg of fruit/plant


Fruits in October | 20,000 pounds/acre

Scientific Studies

Discover the power of polyphenols

Many studies demonstrate that the polyphenols
Anthocyanins, Rutins, Quercetins, Catechins
are molecules with great beneficial properties on the health.

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