Medical Equipment Liquidator Buyer Helping Find Life for Surplus Hospital Equipment

A USA based medical equipment liquidation company helps hospitals, surgery centers, doctor offices, urgent care and long term care centers sell, donate and remove surplus medical equipment and prevent it from going to landfills by re-purposing it.
By: Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc.
SAN DIEGO - March 17, 2018 - PRLog -- Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc., in San Diego California with locations in Virginia and Indiana is helping hospitals liquidate and re-purpose medical equipment and keep it from going to landfills and to patients and people in need around the world. By buying, selling, donating and auctioning off medical assets hospitals, doctor offices, surgery centers and other medical facilities are able to help get their medical surplus into the hands of medical professionals around the world.

"We work with a wide range of medical charities and hospitals around the world including Africa, Latin America, Mexico, The Philippines and other third world countries where the surplus medical is in great need", said Hospital Direct Medical Equipment Inc. CEO Sean Callahan. "Our goal is to provide a source of income to the hospital for their surplus medical equipment and then get it into the hands of charities and medical centers around the world. We buy, sell and  remove over 10,000 hospital beds per year along with over 2,500 stretchers, patient room furniture, MRI and CT equipment, patient monitors, EKG's and other medical items and resource them to International destinations".

"Hospital Direct Medical" provides a host of options to hospitals, doctor offices, urgent care centers. long term care facilities and surgery centers that are moving, closing or are getting new medical equipment and need to remove their surplus medical inventory. "We will offer hospitals and medical facilities options to buy - purchase their medical equipment, donate it to a 501-C3 charity we work with, sell the medical equipment to third party buyers we work with or set it up for an online auction. Each facility has a different set of conditions based on space, time for removal, location, list of assets and other variables that make each liquidation unique. Our goal is to provide the best possible option for each hospital based on their needs and requirements", Callahan continued.

The medical equipment industry is a multi billion dollar industry and many hospitals try their best to re-purpose their medical assets and prevent them from going to landfills and dumps. Medical recycling companies often get calls to pick up items like hospital beds but are not sure what to do with them and also prefer to see them go to a hospital in need rather than scrapping.

As third world countries around the world begin to develop so to does the need for basic items like hospital beds, infant warmers, infant bassinets, stretchers, surgical tables, patient monitors, EKG's, x ray equipment and other items that still have years of life in them. USA made medical products are known as some of the best equipment in the world and even though the items are no longer needed at the hospital they still have years of useful life ahead of them.

"We have a list of charities including groups that help the homeless, help military veterans, help hospitals in Africa, Latin America and other locations and many hospitals are choosing to donate to these organizations and take a tax write off knowing the equipment will go into good hands. We help the charity convert some of these items into funds to help pay for shipping and get the items in the hands of patients that need them".

Medical equipment auctions are also becoming a popular way to liquidate medical equipment with the benefits being all items are sold and removed within a timely manner and all items are removed at the cost of the buyer and not by the facility. "We are seeing a large growth in medical equipment auctions since it provides a large list of medical equipment to thousands of buyers at one time and gets all items removed from a hospital warehouse or third party warehouse fast for a fair market price".

As more and more hospitals grow and the technology changes so to does the amount of used and surplus medical equipment needing to be removed from medical centers. "Hospitals compete to have the best technology so as soon as items like ultrasounds go from 3D to 4D, all hospitals want the newest equipment and that type of upgrade puts a lot of very good equipment in the used medical equipment market, much of it with a lot of life still in it."

With locations in San Diego California, Richmond Virginia and a forty thousand square foot warehouse in Indiana, "Hospital Direct Medical" is poised to offer as many options to hospitals and medical centers looking to sell and re-purpose their used medical assets. The company is not only seeing a growth in buying and liquidating medical equipment but also a growth in International medical sales and donations with items like hospital beds expected to go from 10,000 units per year to over 20,000 bed units by 2021. "We are seeing huge growth in durable medical equipment like hospital beds needing to be sold and re-purposed and as time goes on more and more International hospitals are contacting us to secure this inventory for their patients", Callahan concluded.

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