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March 17, 2018 - PRLog -- Whether it is a novice or an expert, in the face of newly purchased photographic equipment, they are worth thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you do not buy them a good camera bag, how can you go out to travel and photograph beautiful women and scenery?

It is especially important to choose a suitable, practical and satisfactory camera bag at this time. How to choose a camera bag? Choosing a good camera bag is not so easy. The aesthetic appearance of a camera bag is often the first choice for people to buy. But when you bring a camera to the street for the first time during the rain or accidentally drop a camera bag from a height during a trip, you will find out whether the camera bag you use is good or bad.

For photographers, the camera in the camera bag can be said to be as important as life. The quality of the camera bag has a direct impact on the safety of your camera, so it is really necessary to give your camera the best camera bag ( that you can depend on for life.

1. Camera Bag Usage Environment

Before you buy a bag, first think about the environment you often need to use, from the use of the environment, there are the following categories and suggestions:

Leisurely shopping:
Basically shopping, photography supplemented. Commonly used 50mm and 28-70mm lens, you can use the stylish portable pocket or upper and lower two-tiered small backpack (upper loading widgets, lower loading equipment) or a small shoulder bag.

Urban street shooting:
You should have a goal, alone or in groups to take action, to take documentary photographs, if you are carrying a 24-85mm fixed-focus lens or similar zoom lens, including a camera and 2-3 lenses.

It is recommended to use a low-profile, medium-capacity crossbody camera bag, journalist series, mobile series shoulder bag as well.

Portrait shooting:
This, needless to say, you should be a more professional user. The purpose is clear, the division of labor is clear, the equipment is mostly two machines + multiple lenses, mainly in wide-angle and medium telephoto, with the flash, sometimes also used a tripod.

Personal advice, the appearance of professional and large-capacity shoulder bag based, and can carry an external attachment package. Even if you can, it is advisable to purchase a brand-name photography vest (can be attached) so that your subjects feel that you are professional and can get the best match and effect.

Commuting time:
Some photographic enthusiasts will not give up their commuting time. They always have a favorite camera. They like to play, like to capture or dream to become masters of photography. Anyway, you need a professional camera bag that shows your identity.

The shoulder bag is recommended as well, but the capacity does not have to be large. The capacity of one machine and 1-2 lenses is sufficient, and the strap is preferably wider. If you are riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, it is still appropriate to use a shoulder bag or laptop shoulder bag.

Short-distance travel:
Take tourism as a guide and take some pictures. At this point, you need a small camera bag that can hold one camera + 3 lenses + 1 flash. One-shoulder lightweight or messenger bags or two-layer lightweight bags are the most suitable. They can be easily stuffed into your hiking bag or suitcase.

After arriving at the hotel or residence, leaving the big bag in the room and shooting with a light photography bag is very pleasant. But don't forget, it's best to choose a fabric waterproof or waterproof and dustproof camera bag unless you can be sure that every day is sunny days.

Collect folk songs:
At this time, you must have the professional photographic equipment, instead of shooting at random before. In the face of harsh conditions, you really do need a professional top-class photography bag. It requires first-class protection of the equipment, is highly waterproof and dustproof, and is durable enough to be attached to a stand.

Self-drive can consider professional shoulder bag, a bag that can be used with the shoulder strap. For long-distance public transportation, such as taking a plane train, consider shoulder-mounted photography bags with tie rods. However, it should be noted that you need to consider a good piggyback system. For camera bags, professionally loaded camera bags do not have much choice.

Outdoor Hiker:
If you are a qualified hiker, you definitely know what you need. The lightest weight, multi-functional combination, adjustable sweating system and piggyback system. If you only carry a lens like 18-200mm, and can't give up on your professionally purchased professional mountaineering bag, it is recommended that you carry a small camera bag that you can easily put into it.

If you are concerned about the quality of photography, then I suggest you use a professional waterproof camera bag with about 45L and two layers. The top layer is for daily necessities, the bottom layer is for a camera + 3 lenses + 1 flash, and the tripod is hung on the camera bag. Belts and shoulder straps require external attachment kits and additional attachment hooks to accommodate your GPS, walkie-talkie and more.

Depending on the conditions of the shooting activity, the choices you make may not be unique. For example, the bags usually used in cities and in the wild will be different.

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