Human Detection Sensor 3D LiDAR(TOF)

CHESHUNT, U.K. - April 26, 2018 - PRLog -- Our 3D LiDAR(TOF) Motion Sensor can count the number of visitors and track people's traffic in busy places and inside stores, but it can also measure distance with precision, enabling to detect hand movement and height. This means that the sensor can be used to detect which part of the shelf the customer had reached out to.

Additionally, HLDS have developed the Skeleton Detection function together with Hitachi research lab, enabling to capture human motion in real time, which is being utilized to analyze body movement within factory line for work optimization and detection of deviant behavior (error-proof measure).す。

By internally installing the software to the sensor, HLDS 3D LiDAR(TOF) Motion Sensor can send the detected coordinate and status data directly to the cloud and host PC, without using local PC or the server.

Hitachi-LG Data Storage Inc., is a joint venture of Hitachi Ltd. and LG Electronics, Inc., and has been maintaining Global No.1 position in the world optical disc drive market since its establishment in 2000, in such products as DVD and Blu Ray Disc Drives.

This sensor utilizes our knowledge accumulated over the years in developing and producing optical disk drive, to use laser to obtain 3D distance data in real time. In addition to human tracking and gesture capturing, this device is expected to expand its utilization in Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), elderly safety monitoring and other healthcare monitoring purposes, security and in IoT

The Hitachi 3D-LiDAR (TOF) Sensor can be utilized in multiple scenarios such as retail, care facilities and manufacturing plants to calculate movement and provide data in real time using infrared beam technology. The measurement is based on the time it takes light to travel to the object and back to the sensor, the "time of flight" (ToF).Hitachi's 3D Motion Analytics PlatformCapture and analyze real-time movements of inventories, persons and key objects to empower decision-makers to formulate actionable plans for stimulating sales, enhancing safety, and streamlining floor operations.Key Features:
- Highly versatile and programmable 3D-LiDAR Time-of-Flight Motion Sensor
- Infrared beam technology for non-intrusive deployments
- Embedded data analytics engine
Sample use cases:
- Retail stores and restaurants
- Care facilities
- Factories and manufacturing plant
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