Non-Stop Secure Entrance would have Blocked Parkland Shooter

Stoneman Douglas High has 3,000 students.
So how do you screen 3,000 students in 15 minutes and absolutely BLOCK the guy with the gun?
Answer → only with a Non-Stop Secure Entrance like Barbecan's.
By: Barbecan Security Systems, LLC
Weapon Detection Sequence
Weapon Detection Sequence
SEATTLE - March 14, 2018 - PRLog -- Our Soft targets are vulnerable…especially where crowds must enter QUICKLY:

   -School campuses

   -Subway/Metro stations

   -Stadiums, Concert halls, and Theaters

See the Non-Stop Secure Entrance at

Barbecan's Non-Stop Secure Entrance supports Scanning-at-Speed while Blocking weapons:

 → Screens people while they walk;

 → Stops (blocks) when a weapon is detected; and then

 → Door behind opens; door in front reverses; person and weapon are backed-out.

 → A potential attacker Cannot Enter carrying a weapon!

Tops and sides are sealed to prevent circumvention and weapon passing.

Barbecan seeks to work with a proven manufacturer to bring the Non-Stop Secure Entrance to market as that company's product - increasing their revenue and profit while saving lives. Barbecan is currently reaching out to Security Equipment manufacturers, Government contractors, and Automatic Door manufacturers. In addition to traditional security applications, targeted market research has shown a viable market for the Non-Stop Secure Entrance in the $5B commercial Automatic Door market.

Barbecan has broad patent claims on fundamental door movements for non-stop throughput, plus integration of cameras and scanners that move with a subject for At-Speed weapon detection, biometric scanning, and behavioral analysis:
5 US patents; 1 British patent; and 3 pending applications (US and British)

Video animations for PCs and  MACs showing patented door panel movements for the Barbecan Secure Entrance can be seen at These show a constant traffic flow - however in actual usage the system adapts to the pace of each pedestrian. Also note that the entrance covers have been removed from the animations for clarity.

Remember, there are more guns than people in the United States - and they're not going away. Gun control won't solve the problem. Crazy people and terrorists will always find a way to get guns. Metal detectors, armed guards, and armed teachers won't stop a determined attacker. They'll just shoot their way in.

We need to harden our soft targets to keep our citizens safe!
To discuss partnering opportunities, please contact us.

Bob Osann, Director
Barbecan Security Systems, LLC


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