Marshall Barnes Blowing Minds In DC On Parallel Universes and Simulation Theory - Time Travel Next

Research and development Engineer Marshall Barnes has been living up to his reputation. With back to back event nights, he's delivered presentations with startling evidence, as he prepares for the apex of his stint - the true science of time travel.
WASHINGTON - March 9, 2018 - PRLog -- The first night, he showed that he's produced physical experiments that prove that parallel universes are
real and the many-worlds interpretation is valid. Last night, the second night, he showed how Elon Musk's thinking on simulation theory is exactly 180 degrees opposite of what he believes. Sunday night, Marshall Barnes will deliver the most startling presentation of them all - how and why everything people think about time travel is wrong, exactly what the true science of time travel is and how that science supports his intention to make time travel a reality by 2020.

He is internationally noted R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes and he is on course to change the world. Participating in a promotional tour in the DC area this week, ending Sunday night, this is his first return to the area since his participated in a lobbying effort on Capitol Hill for the space industry and released his special report on the implications of current time travel research for select members of Congress (now the book Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel). He's since made more major advancements in that field than anyone else, and can convincingly claim the title of world's top time travel science expert - a title he's been willing to defend in public debates when challenged, a willingness that has caused all challengers such as Robert Schuler of NASA and Malcolm Barrett of NBC's Timeless, to back down.

At both his DC events so far, Marshall has been able to easily answer any audience questions and lay out the evidence to make his cases. Last night, during a presentation of simulation theory, Marshall pointed out the causality flaws in the idea that if we advanced computing power at the rate that we are now, it will be possible for people (post-human or otherwise) to create life like simulations which means that we could be in one now.

"What that means is that because of something that hasn't happened yet, and very well might not happen, that that is why we're here now. It's a causality violation and it's driven by digitalcentrism," Marshall pointed out. He showed how Elon Musk missed it, even while at the same time asking his audience at a conference where the flaw in it was. To Marshall, the flaw is obvious, however, Marshall also revealed non-obvious flaws, such as the fact that major advancements are on the immediate horizon that will not propel computing power forward as predicted because these advancements are not computer based. They include inventions that he is involved in and will be releasing through his new company, Technologies of Infinity™. Technologies like the ability to record a person's experience as it happens, from their head and then play it back for another to experience it in their head. Another is psychocative music video entertainment. Marshall created the first and still only psychoactive rock video album, Seeing the Breykiot in 1991 and intends on releasing it since there is still nothing like it anywhere in the world. Technologies of Infinity™ has 15 divisions with a wide variety of technologies already being developed or ready to go. Marshall intends to use it to compete directly against To The Stars Academy formed by former Blink 182 rock star, Tom DeLonge.

At Sunday night's event, Marshall will present the exact science of time travel, further evidence that paradoxes are scientifically impossible, videos of the technology that he's developed related to time travel and footage of the first time machine that forces open micro wormholes - the Verdrehung Fan, which has not been shown on the web and explain why he's replaced it with a new approach inspired by the work of National Medal of Science award winner, Yakir Aharonov, for humans.

"I'm going to present documented evidence that no one has ever seen before, including evidence hidden within Euclidean geometry, that suggested that not only are parallel universes real but that time travel, which must involve parallel universes, is possible. I'm going to solve all of the questions and dispel all the mysteries and show why time travel to the past is within reach, right now".

You can see the details of the Sunday night event at

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