Invest for Success – London Company celebrates best UK investment opportunity around

12% per annum returns, paid quarterly, if you invest before end of March
By: The Argyle Group
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LONDON - March 5, 2018 - PRLog -- Looking for a great savings opportunity on the UK High Street right now is almost as depressing as the endless round of Brexit arguments, and you're guaranteed to have about the same success as Theresa May.

If you expand your search into the world of alternative investment opportunities, you're going to find a London based company offering one of the most exciting investments outside of the world of James Bond. Diamonds truly are forever, at least in the world of The Argyle Group.

Investing in Pink Diamonds from the world famous Argyle Mine in Australia before the end of March will bring you up to a whopping 12% p.a. interest guaranteed.

'We've created a totally unique opportunity with our innovative Argyle Bond scheme'. Says Owner Rav Dhillon. 'We've issued a £3 million Corporate Bond Scheme available to experienced investors with a minimum of £5,000 upwards – and investors before end of March will receive up to 12% pa interest for the lifetime of the Bond issue'.

What companies use the money from corporate bond issues for varies from company to company, but Rav's innovative Argyle Group have one of the best uses of all time planned. They'll be buying some of the last pink diamonds to come from the Australian mine before it closes, and using them within their gorgeous Gold Coins and fabulous bespoke Jewellery and Watches, thus creating timeless investment pieces.

Talking to Rav, it's easy to see his enthusiasm for and belief in the investment opportunity offered. 'Anyone investing with us has the security of knowing their funds are completely safe, we have £4 million of company assets under the control of an independent Trustee who will be responsible for ensuring all investors receive their money back if the worse were to happen. But of course, we're positive that everyone's investment will be both safe and profitable: the reason we can offer to pay up to 12% is that the value of Pink Diamonds continues to increase and is only predicted to keep rising.'

Pink Diamonds, Gold Coins, bespoke pieces of Jewellery – if it sounds too much like a movie plot to you, don't worry it's all real to the team at The Argyle Group ( There's a belief and an enthusiasm that's refreshing in the jaded world of investments, but then again how often do you get to talk about diamonds at work and not be accused by the boss of slacking off?!

The bottom line when you're looking at any corporate bond investment opportunity is always the same series of simple questions: is it a safe investment opportunity, that is to say will you get your money back if the company fails? Does the company have experience in the field they're proposing to invest in? Will the end use of the product or project being funded by the Bond issue live up to expectations and be able to deliver on the quarterly interest rates promised?

Rav's confident 'yes' is based on his years of experience as a Diamond trader, and by the market value of the pink diamonds themselves, which to this day continue to rise. So join those other people investing in the success of these glorious natural jewels, and reap the rewards from your savings finally working as hard as you do.

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