Marshall Barnes In Washington DC To Prove Parallel Universes With Live Experiment To Any Reporter

Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng will be in Washington DC doing appearances and offering reporters the opportunity to see a breakthrough experiment that proves that the late Hugh Everett, formerly of DC, was correct about parallel universes.
Marshall Barnes R&D Eng during a laser experiment. Copyright 2017
Marshall Barnes R&D Eng during a laser experiment. Copyright 2017
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WASHINGTON - March 5, 2018 - PRLog -- It's the kind of news that will make science fiction fans jump for joy and many physicists as well.
Internationally noted, advanced concept research and development engineer, Marshall Barnes, will be in the nation's capitol March 6th through the 11th, doing speaking engagements and meeting with reporters on a variety of of subjects but central to it all is his work proving that parallel universes of quantum mechanics are real - and he's offering to prove it with table top experiments right on a reporter's desk. The parallel universe interpretation of quantum mechanics was invented by former DC resident, the late Hugh Everett III, in 1957 and proof for it has been a Holy Grail of many quantum physicists. It seems certain that Marshall Barnes has found it.

Marshall has been conducting extensive research into the nature of time, retrocausality and the connection of both with the theory of parallel universes, arising as an interpretation of quantum mechanics. He's written several research papers linking them and with Participatory Universe model of late physicist, John Archibald Wheeler and has shown any action- from delayed choice experiments, to full out hypothetical time travel to the past, triggers into existence a new, parallel universe with a discontinuous past, which stops all time paradoxes from being possible. It was first predicted in his special report in 2013 for select members of Congress, which is now the book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel. It is an extension, into reality, of British physicist David Deutsch's application of parallel universes but supported by repeated, and different, physical experiments, which in turn are supported by Marshall's "Five Factors" which would have to be conceptually overcome and then an alternative explanation posited for the discontinuities in the experimental results. In this case, the discontinuities are laser hits appearing without cause - because there is no laser on. That is what Marshall will be offering - live, upfront demonstrations of, in Washington this week.

"I know this may really freak out some people, but I've been working on this research now since 2016. All the experiments are filmed and then we look at the playback, frame by frame and sure enough, there are laser hits - not pulses, just hits in detection areas when there's no laser being fired. The most recent ones I've done involved firing laser pulses into some kind of medium that produces multiple reflective hits before the pulse moves on and hits a fan acting as a shutter system that will trigger the "which way path change", a la the classic delayed choice experiments. Imagine a pin ball machine, where the pin ball is hitting all the bells at once before going down, because of its velocity. I now know that there is a superpositional state where the probability of one of those bells ringing again - after the ball has dropped out, exists for each bell. If just the same bell rang in that manner, each time the experiment is done, then the superpositional state hypothesis would be wrong. But different 'bells' ring each time, which means in the many-worlds interpretation, that when one bell rings, they all do - but the others are just ringing in parallel universes.The fact that the bells ring, or in the case of the actual experiments - the laser hits appear, without cause proves that its parallel universe decoherence or splitting that we're dealing with here, because these discontinuous results match the kinds of predictions physicist Rainer Plaga made for an experiment that could test the many-worlds theory back in 1995, but no one tried it."

Although both Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek, Tulane University's Frank Tipler have both talked about theoretical experiments that would prove parallel universes, neither has done one. In 2015, after publishing a paper saying researchers should give up on the many-worlds interpretation, the retrocausality experiment based on what Marshall feels is a flawed model of time, by John G. Cramer, failed. In 2016, CERN's Mir Faizal claimed that the parallel universes of quantum theory were not testable and that he was going to prove that he could find "true universes" in higher dimensions. His experiment failed. That same year, Marshall's experiments began and produced fruitful results, leading right up to his most recent - to show discontinuous results from probability distributions. He has written two papers solidifying his work - Changing Worlds Like TV Channels, which documents his extended series of 20 some different versions of the basic experiment, utilizing everything from periscopes to various types of beam splitters and diffraction film, looking for answers to questions like how do the anomalous laser hits appear, where would they appear if given multiple options, and the relationship between the reflected pulses and the transmitted ones that travel through the shutter system. That was followed up by Marshall's conceptual conclusions, The Five Factors Proving the Parallel Universes of Hugh Everett III and John Archibald Wheeler, which stakes out the position for why these experiments prove what Marshall claims in regards to the nature of time, parallel universes and the Participatory Universe model. Both can be viewed at

Marshall feels that this work is a game changer and will overthrow many prior theories about time and reality - and offers potential applications from business to war fighting.

Interviews with Marshall can be arranged by contacting his PR manager, David Gap, via email at Marshall's schedule of public appearances may be reviewed at

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