'Tis the Season: Top Tips for Christmas Tree Care

Keep a few things in mind as you select and care for your fresh-cut tree, and you'll enjoy it throughout the entire holiday season.
By: Advanced Tree Care
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Caring for your Christmas tree can extend its useful life in your home.
Caring for your Christmas tree can extend its useful life in your home.
LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - Feb. 28, 2018 - PRLog -- At Advanced Tree Care, we don't usually care for trees after they're down. This time of year, however, has trees on many people's minds. Christmas tree care is an important part of many holiday celebrations and family traditions. As many families purchase fresh-cut Christmas trees, we're offering some tips on making the most of your (cut) tree this season.

Choosing a Tree
Some families head for the ultimate choose-your-own-tree experience, heading out into the exurbs and beyond in search of the perfect fir, pine, or spruce. Others shop one of the pop-up Christmas tree lots that line city and suburban streets, or purchase a tree from an area garden center or nursery. If you're purchasing a pre-cut tree, keep these Christmas tree care tips in mind:
·       Support local farmers with USA-grown trees. Christmas trees are a crop like any other, so you should support local agriculture.
·       Choose a fresh tree, and follow your nose—fresh trees have a pleasing aroma.
·       Check the ground for needles. If there are lots of needles around the trees, don't purchase your tree from this source.
·       Fresh trees should feel heavy.
·       To assess a tree's freshness, pull a branch towards you through your hand. The needles should not fall off.
·       Once you've chosen a tree, ask for a fresh cut from the base while you're still on the lot.

Christmas Tree Care
Once you have your tree home, you'll want to care for it properly to make sure it lasts the entire season.
·       Let your fresh-cut tree relax slightly once you bring it indoors and place it in its stand, before you put on lights and ornaments.
·       Fresh-cut trees are thirsty. Fill your tree stand with water, and keep it filled. Your tree could consume as much as one gallon of water in twenty-four hours.
·       Keep the water level in the stand always above the tree's base.
·       Trees do better in cooler temperatures. Keep the tree away from heater vents, radiators, and space heaters.
·       Do not feed your tree using sugar or soda. Use a professional tree preservative in the water in its base.

Christmas Tree Disposal
When the holidays are over, it's time to dispose of your Christmas tree. Dry trees can be a fire hazard, so be prompt in removing all ornaments and lights. Check with your local municipality on regulations and times for tree disposal or pick-up. Some communities offer tree recycling, where trees are collected and made into mulch or otherwise reused.


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