No More FREE Search Engine Optimization Campaigns!

Wildcat SEO Service, the premiere standard for search engine optimizing, has declared this day to NEVER conduct another FREE SEO Campaign again!
No More Free SEO Service from Wildcat SEO Service
No More Free SEO Service from Wildcat SEO Service
AMARILLO, Texas - Feb. 27, 2018 - PRLog -- Over the years, Wildcat SEO Service has conducted numerous highly successful search engine optimization campaigns.  The reason for this success is that The Wildcat SEO Master has the innate ability to create the most positive content, the most original content, and do this all in a keyword specific manner that appeals to the search engine spiders of Google.  This all makes for significant and long lasting profiles being built on the Internet for all types of worthy endeavors.

Just recently, Wildcat SEO Service was approached by a "supposed" rising star artist.  She claimed to need exposure, website visitors and an increase in her email marketing campaign which supposedly promoted her singing and composing career.

An agreement by both parties was reached whereby significant online promoting work would be done and when the star began making money, at that time, monetary rewards would be given.

The task of professionally representing a client is a time intensive one, to say the least.  Keyword research, analysis, evaluation, visualization and finally a good solid realization of the job to be accomplished must take place.  Throughout this entire process, this supposed "star" was promoting other interests not related to music.  Thinking this strange, Wildcat SEO Service began researching the situation and found that other interests were indeed being promoted unknown to the search engine optimizer.

The final blow to this already diminishing good feeling about doing business with her came a few months ago when the statement was made, "you are doing too much."  This led to the process of taking down FREE information that had been posted quickly and systematically.

Just yesterday, the following message was received from cyberspace.  "I have just created a new YouTube video titled 'how to become a better networker."

The precise reason for the picture included!

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The old, and most trusted adage, "live and learn" holds true even today!

To all of the so called "friends" of Wildcat SEO Service, NO MORE FREE SEO SERVICE is the rule from this day forward!

To all of the trusted paying clients, Thank You!

To all of the new prospective SEO clients, visit the Facebook link above and contact us!

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