8 Ways to Identify the Right Tree Cutting Service

Your trees are a major part of your yard and landscape. If and when they need to be pruned or removed, it's important to find the right tree cutting service.
By: Advanced Tree Care
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Hire an expert to handle your tree cutting service needs.
Hire an expert to handle your tree cutting service needs.
LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - Feb. 28, 2018 - PRLog -- Most people become very attached to the trees on their property for the beauty and shade they provide. But when it comes to taking care of those trees, many people hire a tree cutting service only under duress - after a storm, when trees are ravaged by disease, or when their limbs become weakened. Take the time to learn the eight most important factors in choosing a tree cutting service before the need arises.

·       Does the service employ a certified arborist? Excellent tree care, pruning, and cutting are the result of specialized and expert knowledge. A professional tree cutting service led by a certified arborist will deliver superior comprehensive service.

·       Choose a licensed service. You should hold a tree cutting service to the same hiring standards you have for other professionals.

·       Make sure the service is insured. A tree cutting service that chooses to cut corners on the costs of insurance could also pass the cost of liability on to you should something unforeseen happen. At Advanced Tree Care, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

·       Hire for experience. Would you hire a service that was started last week? We wouldn't either. Advanced Tree Care was started in 2008, which means a decade of success.

·       Be sure you're hiring an actual tree cutting service. Some landscape services offer tree care, but knowing how to care for your lawn and landscape doesn't mean also knowing how to properly and safely cut down your tree. Again, we emphasize you entrust your tree care to a service led by a certified arborist.

·       Look for a commitment to excellent customer service. We prioritize customer service at Advanced Tree Care. To us, excellent customer service means promptly returned phone calls, a pleasant manner, dedication to a job well done, and a yard left as clean (or cleaner) than when we arrived.

·       Understand 'area of service.' 'Area of service' means the geographical zone that the tree cutting service will travel within. With a two-state, nine-county area of service, Advanced Tree Care covers a lot of ground.

·       Look for technology utilization. At Advanced Tree Care, we believe staying on the vanguard of technology helps us offer you better service and tree care. Not only do we use advanced tools to improve communication, we're also continually educating ourselves on breakthroughs in tree care to offer the latest in innovation and efficiency.


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