Home Automation Turns Home Sweet Home into Home Green Home

Transforming your home into a smart home helps you reduce your overall energy consumption while living a more streamlined lifestyle.
By: Grand Slam A/V & Security
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Control home lighting from your smartphone.
Control home lighting from your smartphone.
HOUSTON - Feb. 19, 2018 - PRLog -- Home automation is a fantastic use of technology. Once home automation is implemented, your newly smart home can free you from having to turn lights on and off, struggle with a remote to watch your favorite show, or other daily necessities.

While freedom is a terrific benefit, smart homes also can be more energy efficient, saving you money and helping you live greener. With the energy savings you'll reap, your investment will soon pay for itself.

Lighting control
Making changes to your lighting may offer the greatest energy savings and environmental benefit. Nearly 20% of global electricity use goes to lighting, according to the International Energy Agency. If everyone worldwide switched to efficient lighting systems, that total could be reduced to 10%.

You can start making changes by switching to LED bulbs if you haven't already. Changing over to automated lighting control can reduce your energy usage further. With lighting control, you can turn lights on or off, dim them, or control multiple lights together in "scenes," all with the press of one button. You can also pre-set your lights to turn on at sunset each day automatically, so you can come home after work to a well-lit home on those dark fall and winter evenings.

Thermostat control
Installing a programmable smart thermostat can further boost energy efficiency. It can automatically adjust so that your smart home is optimally heated or cooled for greatest efficiency and comfort. You'll also be able to control the thermostat from your smartphone, wherever you have a signal.

Automated shades
Here in Texas, the sun beats down on us much of the year. The glare can heat your home, combatting your air conditioner's effectiveness. Installing automated shades and pre-setting them to raise and lower at ideal times can help reduce your energy use as well by controlling how much sunlight shines into your smart home.

Automated lawn care
Everyone likes a lush lawn, and no one wants to deal with the maintenance. Automated sprinklers can make lawn care automatic. What's more, the system can adjust for rainfall in the area, so you'll never be wasting water sprinkling in the rain.

We all should do our part to live as green a life as possible—and it's possible to upgrade your lifestyle while doing it. At Grand Slam A/V and Security, we're experts in home automation. We listen carefully to what you want and need, and we create a custom solution that's just right for you and your family. You'll love how effortless home automation can feel.

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