America 2030 Capital Limited Has Contractually Entered in to 6 Stock Loans YTD

Over $168 million in stock loans written in the first 6 months of 2018
By: America 2030 Capital Limited
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logo - since 1986
HONG KONG - April 10, 2018 - PRLog -- America 2030 Capital Limited is pleased to announce that it has entered in to 6 stock loans in the first 6 months of 2018 for a cumulative sum of $168 million USD.

Due to confidentiality and privacy, the clients can not be identified and will  remain anonymous, despite our request to obtain comments for this press release.

The clients retained America 2030 Capital Limited to obtain securities backed loans against  publicly traded stocks owned by the respective clients. The stocks to be funded actually trade on Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Thailand and Singapore stock exchanges respectively. The market capitalization for the public companies ranged from $120 million to $8 billion USD dollars.

The requested loan amounts range from $4 million to $117 million with average being $30 million USD.

All the borrowers were referred to America 2030 Capital through asset managers or stock brokers. The loans to be range for periods ranging from 2 years to 5 years and the average interest rate was 3.65%. The average Loan To Value (LTV) was at 60% of the stock trading price.

When we asked Mark Bentley, Chairman and CEO of America 2030 Capital what separates his firm from the others, Mr. Bentley stated: "We are a direct lender and we fund our own loans, thus we keep expenses low. We turn-around inquiries quickly and we generally can fund within 2-3 weeks. We have an excellent team of over 200 international referral agents who provide us with a steady flow of clients. We are also an exclusive stock loan lender for several brokers and intermediaries. We have aggressively expanded our operation in USA as well as Asia focusing on stock loans, or loans backed by publicly traded securities. We provide Title Transfer loans, as well as No-Title Transfer and REPO loans and thus we are able to address the needs of most of our clients."

America is a leading representative for several of the world's premier stock loan and alternative financing lenders. Numerous financing institutions have retained America on exclusive basis to locate clients for them for securities loans. The firm prides itself on repeat business and offers its clients other forms of financing, which includes M&A, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure Development as well as Real Estate.

America 2030 Capital Limited is part of a group of America 2030, LLC companies, comprised of America 2030, LLC., America 2030 Capital, LLC., and America 2030 Capital Limited. The companies are based in USA, Hong Kong, United Kingdom as well as Ukraine.

America 2030 Capital Limited is an international boutique M&A and securities lending firm transacting in various types of securitized loans and other types of financial debt & equity transactions. One of its primary products are stock loans or commonly known as securitized lending whereby a shareholder of a public company pledges their shares to a lender in return for debt at low rates. These loans commonly are non-recourse and similar to margin lending offered by stock brokers.

America 2030 Capital Limited是一家國際精品併購和證券借貸公司,事各種類型的證券化貸款和其他類型的金融務和股權交易。其主要產品之一是股票貸款通常稱為證券化貸款,其中上市公司的股東其股票抵押給貸方,以換取低利率的債務。些貸款通常是無追索權,類似於股票經紀人供的保證金貸款。

stock loans 股票貸款
securitized lending 證券化貸款
margin lending 保證金貸款
Shanghai stock market 上海股市
loans backed by securities 證券支持的貸款
Shenzhen stock market 深圳股市
Hong Kong stock market 香港股市
stock loan borrowing 股票借貸

This press release does not imply or guarantee funding, does not imply that borrowers will fulfill all obligations and conditions, that the loans will close timely, or at all or that contracts may not be rescinded, terminated or not be withdrawn. This press release is speculative and may be withdrawn. No future or past client should rely on its accuracy, nor will it imply that you will be funded.


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