Young author debuts YA fantasy novel

Scoring a publishing contract while still in high school, this college student's debut novel began with a love of writing in grade school and evolved into an exciting and rich first novel, Island Whispers.
Island Whispers
Island Whispers
RALEIGH, N.C. - Feb. 20, 2018 - PRLog -- Author Megan Wong was always a writer. Since grade school, she's had a passion for reading and writing. All she wanted was to share her stories with readers—and with the publication of her debut young adult fantasy novel, Island Whispers, she has done just that.

Something ancient is stirring on the island . . . and it's out for blood.

Good and bad live side by side on this mystical island. But the peace is threatened when the powerful Elder wages a battle to return the island to his kind. Faced with the loss of their home, an angel, vampire, demon, and merperson must set aside ancient rivalries and fight the evil that threatens their very existence. The magic of the island pits friends against friends and makes lovers out of enemies in this mystical tale of family, friendship, and love. In the center of it all, an ancient tablet holds the key to peace—or war—among the island's strange inhabitants.

"Not only is this a very unique twist on using magical creatures, the story vibrates with the author's fresh, young voice," says Charlotte Piel, of publisher IngramElliott. "This story will resonate with readers of all ages as it explores family, love, and personal empowerment. All themes that today's young people care deeply about."

"I want readers to feel understood," says Megan of her novel. She's especially proud of the fact that her characters have more depth than meets the eye and challenge readers assumptions about good and evil. Megan notes, "I want readers to come away from reading this book and see magic everywhere. Hopefully they will realize that the world is not divided into black and white—and sometimes a demon and a vampire can actually save the world."

Island Whispers is distributed by Ingram Content Group and is now available at most major retailers in print and eBook formats.

Book Excerpt
"We have searched. We have found no others like that angel." Her form solidified as the Elder's fist clenched. She almost resembled him in shape except for her dark eyes and unnaturally long arms and legs.

It had taken them years to find the man, and when they tried to use him for the ritual, the powers had killed him. The energy was too much for his mind and body.

"Keep looking," he spat back. His voice was low, but the menace was raw.

She noticed and attempted to placate him, her voice taking on a sweeter tone. "Elder, we shall find the one you seek."

"See that you do," he growled. "I am tired of waiting."

She disappeared, her essence fading into the night.

He tapped on the stones at the base of the well, his fingers hard and glowing with pinpricks of angry red light. The stones shuddered in response and shifted, trying to get away from him. The Elder smirked. Nothing could withstand his power. A heavy wave of darkness emanated from his hand. It cascaded against the stones, making them quiver violently. His energy ripped the sticky threads of power that clung to the walls of the well. The threads shrieked as they were torn away. The well dulled, the subtle hum of its power diminished to nothing. The blood began to dry. The Elder was filled with satisfaction. Finally, his plans were unfolding.

About the Author
Megan Wong was always a writer. Beginning in elementary school, she wrote stories and loved reading. As a freshman in high school, she began writing what would become her debut novel, Island Whispers. She loves creating worlds filled with magic and sharing stories that need to be told. She is currently an undergraduate student majoring in psychology with a minor in creative writing at North Carolina State University.

About IngramElliott
IngramElliott delights in traditionally publishing unconventional and alternative literature.


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