Rose Rosetree Bites The Dust On The 'X' Zone Radio Show With Rob Mcconnell

Tonight, my scheduled guest was Rose Rosetree who has been on the show before and the topic was to be face reading with photos supplied for her to read. However, it soon became evident that her purpose for coming on the show was to sell hersel
HAMILTON, Ontario - Feb. 8, 2018 - PRLog -- The interview did not go the way that she had obviously hoped it would as is evident in the link to the interview at the end of this message.

I do not bring people onto The 'X' Zone Radio Show or TV Show to give them a stage to promote themselves or their products and when I feel that they are anything but genuine or sincere and that they are anything but honest with my listeners, viewers or readers, I do not, and will not tolerate it.

Why do these self-righteous, self-proclaimed "new age" / "enlightenment" gurus and/or teacher hide behind names other than their own real names? Do they not realize that discovering who they really only take minutes and any credibility that they may have had is lost forever, no matter how many books they write and sell, or how many lectures they give or how many souls they claim to have saved?

I told Rose that I believe the people who seek out alternative lifestyles like those offered by new age practitioners and self-proclaimed gurus are weak and are looking for an easy way to solve their issues when what they need to do is take a hard and serious look in the mirror and recognize what the problem is and to know that the answer to any of their problems lay within them.

People do not need new age philosophers, teacher, guides, psychics, mediums…these are the people who prey on the weak.

If you are waiting for the second coming of Christ to solve all the problems in your life and all the problems of the world, forget it. He's not coming.

If you're waiting for the extraterrestrials to land in their UFOs to solve your problems and those in the world, you can forget that too! They are not coming, and if they do, they have to abide by, what UFOlogists and Experiencers tell us is the "none interference clause".

The same goes for Angels, Arch-Angels, and alleged communication from the those on the other side…you have to solve your own problems because they will not.

It has become very apparent to me that the reality of the "Mark of the Beast" is not 666, but in fact is www.

After all, in my opinion, the Internet is the largest septic tank that mankind has ever created for there is more crap in it than anything else, and in several cases, the Internet an electronic den of iniquity where those who prey on the weak and the vulnerable are at the ready to pounce with promise that their new age/spiritual "snake oil", hocus pocus, cure will fix everything for you – for a price, of course.

My final thought for tonight are the infamous words of P.T. Barnum, "There's a sucker born every minute," so please, look inside yourself for the answers to your problems because that is where they are.

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