Put Your Trees in Good Hands - Use These Tips to Find A Local Tree Service

Five things to consider when looking for tree services near me.
By: Advanced Tree Care
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We provide an advanced level of service
We provide an advanced level of service
LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. - Feb. 7, 2018 - PRLog -- When looking for local tree services, it's important to choose a reliable, trustworthy company who will give high-quality service, meet your needs, and be prompt, responsive, and courteous. Beyond those factors, however, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind when looking for tree services near you.

#1: Look for a licensed tree service led by a certified arborist

The knowledge, skills, and experience of a certified arborist set a true professional tree service apart. Tree work can be dangerous, requiring skilled, trained professionals with the right safety gear and equipment. You'll also want to choose one with a business license.

#2: Choose a tree service that is insured

Before hiring anyone, ensure that the service you're considering holds current liability insurance. Ask to see a copy to verify it's current. If you have tree work done by a company that's uninsured, and there is an accident that causes property damage or injuries, you could face significant costs and a lawsuit.

#3: Pay attention to 'area of service'

Most tree services define a particular area of service, and their employees will not travel outside it. If your search results don't turn up a company with a reputation you can trust, expand it to include a neighboring community. Or, consider tree services that have a bigger footprint: for example, Advance Tree Care operates within a nine-county, two-state service area.

#4: Know what service you're requesting

Some people only contact a tree service when they require tree removal. Others call for advice on trimming and pruning. We help our clients understand that tree service is an investment in your property—up to 15% of your landscape can be trees. Proper seasonal care and trimming are important to ensure your trees look their best and live long, healthy lives.

#5: Understand average costs and estimates

Most tree services prepare an estimate that includes a minimum trip charge plus an hourly estimate for the labor performed on site. The arborist makes an educated guess on how long the job will take and uses it for the estimate. Actual costs can differ once the company is on-site. Though it's natural to consider costs first, focus your initial search on tree services that have an excellent overall reputation.

Beyond these five criteria, look for a tree service with excellent customer service. At Advanced Tree Care, we pride ourselves on our customer service, from your initial call to the care with which we clean up your property when the job is done. To find out more, visit our website at http://advanced-treecare.com/.


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